ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


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Dr. Walid Phares



Dr. Walid Phares


Middle East Women rise to resist the Jihadists: The Christian Syriacs in Syria


After the Kurdish women, other ladies in the Middle East are militarizing to resist the onslaught of the Islamic State Jihadists and the other dictatorships. A photo from North Eastern Syria showing Aramaic speaking female fighters from the Christian community known as Syriac, organized by the "Syriac Military Council." The increasing number of women undergoing training is due to the genocidal nature of the Jihadists and the oppressive nature of the theocratic dictatorships in the region. More particularly the rape, torture and killing of women in Syria and Iraq, especially the horrific fate of thousands of Yazidi females, captured and taken into sexual slavery by the Islamic State Jihadists. Across the areas adjacent to ISIS controlled Caliphate, women have no choice but being trained and armed to fend off the barbarism of the Jihadists. Women rise against the terrorists is gradually happening.

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