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Dr. Walid Phares



Dr. Walid Phares

  Phares: Lebanese MP Ghanem was killed by the “axis” 


UN Chapter 7 is a must
Commenting on the Terrorist act that killed Lebanese MP Antoine Ghanem and a number of civilians today, Professor Walid Phares, director of the Future Terrorism Project in Washington said: “As projected, this is another assassination conducted within the campaign launched by the Syro-Iranian axis to reduce the majority in Parliament and obstruct the election of a new President who would represent the views of the democratic majority. Eliminating MP Ghanem is a terror act and a war crime identical to the assassination of other Lebanese leaders such as former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and MPS Gebran Tueni, Pierre Gemayel and Walid Eido. This is a massacre of democracy in Lebanon, happening in front of the eyes of the international community and should be met with determination. For the Syrian-Iranian axis and their extensions in Lebanon including Hezbollah, its allies, other militias and the Jihadist cells, are directly responsible for this Terror.”
Phares, who worked on UNSCR 1559 in 2004, said “it is incumbent on the Security Council of the UN to vote a resolution to put the Presidential election under Chapter 7 of the charter. Lebanon’s borders and most areas in the country are now unsafe and have been infiltrated by the Terrorist networks. Clearly the UN has the obligation to intervene directly to save Lebanon’s democratic process and its citizens and elected officials from further acts of terror. UN forces should protect the legislators, the meeting place and deploy along the Syrian Lebanese borders. Nothing
else would stop the bloodshed.”


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