The World Council of the Cedars Revolution   

Representing the hopes and aspirations of many millions of Lebanese throughout the Diaspora  

Wednesday 12th July 2006  

Washington Bureau


H.E. Kofi Annan

Secretary General

United Nations

New York  N.Y.


Your Excellency,

Re Ė Current affairs in southern Lebanon

The World Council of the Cedars Revolution representing the hopes and aspirations of the great majority of the many millions of Lebanese throughout the Diaspora is absolutely appalled at Hezbollahís attacks on Israel, killing several Israeli soldiers and capturing two others; which has seen  Israel, immediately carrying out reprisal attacks bringing destruction and devastation upon the people of Lebanon.

Our senior executives have on numerous occasions met with your Deputies and with Ambassadors of all members of the UN Security Council, strongly and emphatically expressing our desire of the UNSC to disarm Hezbollah and block the continuous supply of arms by Syria to Hezbollah, the Palestinians and other militias operating on Lebanese soil, fearing the occurrence and escalation of the events which are unfolding before our very eyes.

The people of Lebanon are innocent. All attacks against the people of Lebanon must cease immediately; and the only body which can make this happen is the UNSC. Hezbollah is armed and controlled by Syria and Iran; and thatís where the Israeli response should be directed.

It should be clearly understood that the World Council of the Cedars Revolution considers it absolutely unacceptable that Hezbollah should maintain any arms and must be disarmed as soon as possible. The Lebanese Diaspora is outraged at the UNSCís soft approach towards disarming Hezbollah. We are horrified at the possibility of escalating hostilities in the Region. Such a conflict will have an intolerable effect upon the defenseless people of Lebanon who have only recently come out of  thirty years of Syrian domination and tyranny.

We condemn this barbaric conflict and call on the United Nations Security Council to send urgently a UN Security Force to protect the borders between Lebanon and Israel and between Lebanon and Syria, until Lebanonís territorial integrity could be safeguarded and all militias disarmed.

Joeseph P. Baini


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