The World Council of the Cedars Revolution  

Dearest friends,



As a result of the Cedars Revolution in 2005 Lebanon was set back on the right track regaining its sovereignty and democratic freedom. Today its independence and the spirit of the true Lebanese Cedars Revolution are being threatened once again. Therefore Lebanon is in great need of our support. We believe in working locally with international perspective. Therefore we are proud to announce the true picture and voice of the Lebanese Diaspora in Europe. We are the European Council for the Cedars Revolution.

The Goals of the ECCR:

-      The implementation of all the UN Resolutions adopted.

-      The recognition of all the ethnic, cultural and linguistic pluralities in the country.

-      A diplomatic tie and restoration of peaceful relations with the Arab Syrian republic.

-      The opening for a peaceful dialogue with the state of Israel.

-      The disarmament of all the Lebanese and non Lebanese militias on Lebanese soil.

-      A renewed and fair electoral law where the Lebanese Diaspora are allowed to vote.

-      More reforms and agreements that will enhance the relationship between Lebanon and Europe.


We would be delighted and honoured to have you as a supporter in our umbrella organization for the Lebanese Lobby in Europe.

Warm Regards,

Roni Doumit, General Coordinator for the ECCR

Joelle Abi Khalil, Coordinator for the ECCR Sweden

Simon Wakiki, Coordinator for the ECCR Finland

Melhem Matta, Coordinator for the ECCR Holland

Henry Tomassian, Coordinator for the ECCR France

Christian Chaoul, Coordinator for the ECCR England

Anwar Wazen, Coordinator for the ECCR Belgium


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