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Ghastly Atrocities Being Committed by The Syrian Regime: Part Two

May 28, 2011

Yesterday, we reported that Kuwait’s Alseyassah newspaper has been chronicling a series of ghastly atrocities being committed by the Syrian regime – as well as Iran’s Basij and Lebanon’s Hizballah – against the Syrian people.

The reports – based largely on a fact-finding mission by the
World Council of the Cedars Revolution’s Human Rights Dept. chief Kamal Batal – have both confirmed and illuminated what has been widely reported in the Western media; that being that Syrian Army and militia forces – including members of Syrian Pres. Bashar Assad’s Alawite community supported by Iranian Basij fighters and Lebanese-based Hizballah terrorists – are not only killing unarmed civilians, but committing unspeakable acts of violence against children and the elderly.

And, as we reported, “Syrian soldiers who refuse to participate in the wanton killings are themselves summarily executed by Assad’s Alawite death squads.”

In part two of its series, Alseyassah is reporting that so-called “Iranian 'death doctors’ are taking over emergency rooms in Syrian state hospitals.”

According to Batal, refugees fleeing into Lebanon from Syria are recounting incidents of wounded protesters seeking medical assistance in hospitals only to be turned over to Persian (Iranian) speaking doctors.

“These doctors' success rates and commitment to their humanitarian mission is close to zero,” says Batal. “Even more terrifying, many witnesses say their injured family members are being ‘buried alive’ in hospital refrigerators.”

Batal also says Syrian special operators are deliberately targeting civilians.

He adds that the Lebanese civilian leadership in the border town of Wadi Khaled has stated that Shia Hizballah (which is supporting the Syrian Alawite regime, and has for years) is attempting to prevent medical supplies from reaching Syrian refugees in Lebanon. And the Iranian-funded, Syrian-supported terrorist group is “pressuring official Lebanese authorities to stop accepting refugees, and to send those who have safely arrived in Lebanon back to Syria.”

Read the first Alseyassah article in Arabic here, and automatically translated here.

Read the second Alseyassah article here, and automatically translated here. Contributing Editor W. Thomas Smith Jr. is a former U.S. Marine rifle-squad leader and counterterrorism , who writes about military/defense issues and has covered conflict in the Balkans, on the West Bank, in Iraq and Lebanon. Visit his website at


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