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The Aramean Youth Union

The Invitation and call to the intending remembrance with following demonstration in Cologne!

The Aramean Youth Union

Lukas Özdemir

Postweg 2

46499 Hamminkeln


0177 972 6546

Dear Sirs and Madames,

very honoured dignitaries,

we hereby would like to invite you all to the demonstration, which is taking place on

Sunday in Advent the 28th of November 2010 in Ebertplatz, Cologne.

 The Review

On 31st of October 2010 the islamic terrorists committed massacres in a syriac-catholic

church in Baghdad, Iraq. More than 50 children, men and women were killed, as well as

more than 120 people were badly injured. The concluding number of the is not known yet.


On the day of the demonstration we want to ignite grave lights and hold them into the hand

and afterwards we place the candles during the closing speech in front of the pictures of

the killed Christians.

Therefore we as „the aramean youth union „ call you all to participate in remembrance

demonstration and would be also grateful for your support. If you want to make a

speaker available for the closing speech, then please let us know in advance, and

send us the content of your speech at the same time.

Please continue to send this invitation to all free democratic international organizations, humanitarian human rights organizations, parties and churches.

Thank you very much for your participation and support.

Sincerely yours

The directorate of the

Aramean Youth Union

The Meeting Information:

The 28th of November 2010, 12:30 afternoon near Cologne Central Station, in front of the Cologne Cathedral.

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