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Rethinking Turkey’s Future

Posted on August 24, 2011

 by Daniel Bart

Anyone who has ever slightly reviewed the wide rural geographic distribution of Crypto-Jewish Alevi villages throughout most of the Republic of Turkey and is at least superficially aware of their long secretive Crypto-Jewish nationality – understands well that ethnic Turks generally like ethnic Kurds generally, like ethnic Lurs generally and like ethnic Albanians generally do indeed constitute a distinct Crypto-Jewish ethnicity of their own. The historically rather successful, yet esoteric Alevi religious dissimulation permitted Alevi communities when so needed to pose as Christians under Byzantine rule and later as Muslims under Ottoman rule, while throughout both historical periods accepting converts in rather large numbers to Alevism which is of course the Crypto-Jewish continuation of ancient Hellenist Judaism. There were always significant demographic back and forth flows between Alevi Hellenist Judaism (including the Bektashi denomination) and the respective official denomination of the reigning religious imperialism of the time.

 Wikipedia map depicting rural distribution of overtly Alevi villages, areas and regions with rural overt Alawis shown in purple and other rural overt Alevis shown in red.

 Hostile Kemalist/Islamist regime awareness of this rich cultural heritage made the current Islamist regime and the Kemalist regime that preceded it particularly receptive to Anti-Jewish conspiracy theories with Turkey usually portrayed as the center of universe. The fact is that most citizens of Turkey are rather friendly towards Israel when speaking strictly off the record as opinion polls in brutal dictatorships such as Turkey are not exactly reliable, yet the widespread identification with sovereign, indigenous Israel has become an increasingly strong societal taboo under this Islamist regime as the Crypto-Jewish ethnicities of Kurds and Turks alike and their shared Crypto-Jewish nationality, in Ankara’s paranoid weltanschauung is projectively considered an “existential threat” to Turkish statehood. The deliberate state-sponsored diffusion of hatred has systematically taken place due to a conscious policy by this regime to promote Anti-Jewish hatred in Turkey’s neither free nor independent mass media.

 The Saudi polity which views itself as the presumptive restored Caliphate in the making – to be officially bestowed by that treasonous foreign agent, convicted Jihadist and notorious 2010 recipient of The Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights – has increasingly been pushing its AKP colonial proxy to follow Teheran’s 1979 example and break ties altogether with Jerusalem while having their proxy regime in Ankara engage in Saudi-style persecution of both independent-minded journalists and high ranking military officers – with trumped-up charges, creative conspiracy theories, show trials and state political persecution. Turkey has increasingly become dominated by an unhelpful Islamist/Kemalist binary, a particularly dangerous political convergence of culturally Muslim imperialism and culturally Christian imperialism into a Neo-Ottoman Muslim imperialism that essentially marginalizes advocates of political freedom and representative government and justifies their persecution.

 This very dangerous situation is becoming increasingly aggravated and Turkey’s friends in Israel and around the world thus wonder how long it will take before there really will be no other serious choice but to actually expel Turkey from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, considering Ankara’s overt political support for terrorism and official alignment with terrorist regimes. While Turkey’s military is increasingly sincerely supportive of establishment of liberal democracy, Turkey’s high-ranking officers have indeed failed to act resolutely against what is effectively Turkey’s own tragic version of 1933.

 Yet, those who are concerned about restoring friendly ties between Jerusalem and Ankara should rather address the AKP’s puppeteers in Riyadh, considering that Turkey is increasingly a mere Saudi colony that increasingly aligns itself with the Jihadist regime in Teheran as Riyadh generally encourages its foreign proxy organizations (including Al Qaida, the global Muslim Brotherhood as well as the PLO in the last two decades) to align themselves with the Iranian polity as well and thus quite conveniently ensure international political immunity for Riyadh for the actions of its foreign proxies. Just as there is little point in holding strategic discussions with official Iranian regime leaders external to Teheran’s secretive clerical deep state leadership, so is there really no point in addressing the ruling Slaves in Ankara in such regards rather than their actual owners in Riyadh. Just as a military counter-coup would had been completely democratically justified and indeed quite ethically required in Berlin of 1933, so should the distinct possibility of a pro-democratic coup in Ankara be welcomed unless wide-ranging political freedom is introduced in Turkey and its unjustly jailed journalists and officers are indeed released.

 Jerusalem must not be defensive of or apologetic about its relations with Turkey and its constituent peoples but should rather publically embrace Turkey’s predominantly Crypto-Jewish, yet multiethnic society and its various Crypto-Jewish denominations, including Alawis, Alevis, Yezids, the Dönmeh and the Christian Arameans. While Turkey’s Talmudic Jewish community increasingly lives in constant and acute existential fear for Islamist persecution and certainly much more so than the fears experienced by Germany’s Jews in 1933, the brave among them do need to overcome these pervasive fears that are due to regime Islamist stigmatization by their own government - before the Talmudic Jews of Turkey literally lose everything – and instead become Turkish intellectual leaders in bringing about significant civic change in Kurdistan and Turkey by aligning with the full range of the Crypto-Jewish ethnic mosaic that constitutes most of the citizenry of the Republic of Turkey. While Kurds, Lurs and Albanians do indeed constitute Crypto-Jewish ethnicities, so do ethnic Turks no less. The Turkish oppression of the Kurds is a mere remnant of Constantinople’s Ottoman imperialist domination and there is no acceptable reason why one Crypto-Jewish ethnicity should deny self-determination to another. Rather, Turkey should proudly reclaim its Crypto-Jewish nationality and Hellenist Jewish heritage and together with other significant Crypto-Jewish territorial units across the broader region, join an emerging federal Israel in which Turkey would constitute a very important part.

 Ankara has a lot to express sorrow for before cynically and rudely asking Jerusalem to apologize for the completely justified killing in self-defense of murderous Saudi-sponsored Jihadist provocateurs that no doubt deserved to die instantly as do certainly anyone who deliberately tries to lynch or otherwise kill Israeli soldiers. The slave regime in Ankara should indeed commence its equivalence of a walk to Canossa by acknowledging and expressing its profound sorrow for the culturally continuous and culturally seemingly never-ending genocides committed since 1914 and onwards against Arameans, against Armenians, against Kurds (including against Zaza-speakers) and against Pontian/Anatolian Greek-rite Christians, considering that the Turkish republic never really ended its policy of ethnocide and enforced brutal assimilation against ethnic minorities, including against Alevis and against the Zan (Mingrelian and Laz) nation. Furthermore, the Islamist Slaves of Ankara should apologize for their shameless political support for Jihadist terrorist organizations as well as for engaging in state-sponsored Nazi-style deliberate mass diffusion of Anti-Jewish prejudice, including against Turkey’s Crypto-Jewish Dönmeh ethnicity.

Yet, Turkey has never had a better friend than Israel as the Masters of Riyadh and their Slaves in Ankara are keenly aware that Turkish integration with Israel combined with embrace of Turkey’s ancient-modern Jewish nationality that is shared in crypto-form by the Crypto-Jewish ethnicities that make up most of Turkey’s citizenry – as opposed to further integration within the regional Islamist nexus – are indeed pivotal for ensuring establishment of wide-ranging political freedom in Kurdistan and Turkey as well as self-determination for all.’s-future/

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