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Message to the all Aramean/Syriac institutions around the globe



Liberal Syriacs


 This is a message to all our organizations, institutions and associations that carry the Aramean/Syriac name  around globe. We request from you from now on not to invite our clerics i.e bishops, chor-episcopos, priest etc to our organizations ,institutions and associations; unless they literally confess  ”that the Syriac people are the Aramean people,”, We don't accept from them to say ”that the Syriac people were (past sentence) Arameans, but today we are Syriacs (present sentence)”. Invite them only if they literally admit and confess that  ”the Syriac people are Arameans even in the modern era as well”.

Why do we say this?

We say this because there are clerics (bishops, priest etc) today that are traitors to their nation and to the Aramean name.

And because of this there have been a weakness inside the church and that’s why the church members have decreased these past decades. The people are fed up with this.

In this letter we request our Aramean/Syriac organization, institutions, associations etc, to be aware of the wolves in sheep clothing;

They take the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ in their clerical hands and say to the people ”this is our flag”. This means that they are intentionally hiding behind the cross of Our Lord for the purpose of hiding the forged Assyrian identity that they believe in.

This is why we tell you that ”the tree that doesn’t bare any fruit shall be cut of from its roots and be thrown into the fire. Observe that this analogy refers to those clerics who deny their true national and honorable identity of our forefathers.

When we say that we are and Aramean nation we take it from the literature of our own forefathers before us:

During the this last century the patriarch of the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch says in his book the following:

The Syriac language is the Aramaic language itself, and the Arameans are the Syrians themselves. Whoever has made a distinction between them has erred.”

 (The Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch at a glance, p. 25)

We request from our patriarch H.H Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas to be aware of the traitors (the wolves in sheep clothing) amongst our clerics that work against our true Aramean nation and its true and honorable national identity.

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