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Syrian Occupation Troops start withdrawal from Occupied Lebanon Today (Tuesday)

After 28 years of devastating occupation, the Syrian regime decided to submit to the local, regional and international pressure and pull its troop from Lebanon. (United Press International)

For U.P.I. Article:

Lebanon paid a tremendous cost for the war on its land with causalities equal to 10% of it is population. The Syrian imposed dictatorship in Lebanon, and the ruined economy have forced more than 30% of the Lebanese citizens to flee their country since 1990,

Nothing is certain about how serious is the Syrian regime in withdrawing its troops and intelligent agents from Lebanon. The combined forces are estimated to be over 50,000, which is equal to the size of the Lebanese army and was sufficient to rule the small country of Lebanon (4000 sq. mile) since 1990.

Syria has been acting as a complete occupation power deciding on its own, when to move its troops in occupied Lebanon- It takes the decision, then informs the puppet regime in Lebanon.

The U.N. Security Council issued the resolution 1559 asking Syria to pull its troops from Lebanon, and to quit interfering in its affairs and dictating its rulers. The Syrian Baath regime suffers isolation since the collapse of its twin regime “Saddam Baath”. The Syrian dictator Bashar Asad defied Lebanese people and the international community by imposing an extension to a Syrian-appointed president in Lebanon. This has been the Syrian custom in appointing a puppet regime in Lebanon since its Capital fell completely to Syrian occupation in 1990.

The United States, France, European Union, Arabian Gulf countries and many other nations around the world have been putting pressure on the Syrian regime to obey buy the UN Resolution.

UN Resolution 1559

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