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Anti-Arab Racism v/s Arab Nationalism

Author:USCFL Research Group

Date:April 2003

From Osama Bin Laden's terrorism to the Palestinian struggle, there is a fundamental theme underlying the behavior of the Arab masses: the unity of the Arab people. No matter what evil acts Arab dictators carry out, the Arab masses never speak out against them. No matter what good deeds the other religions of the world perform, the Arabs never praise them.

The Arab attitude has remained the same over the centuries: if something good happens, thank Allah; if something bad happens, blame the infidels (Europeans, Indians, Americans, Russians, Chinese...). The cases in which a Muslim is guilty of something evil or a non-Muslim is the agent of something good - these cases just do not seem to exist in the Arab vocabulary.

This explains why the Arabs are not condemning (and, maybe, secretly congratulating) the likes of Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein and were involved in the September 11 attack. This explains why the Arabs never protested against the massacres carried out by the Taliban for ten years, but protested when the American bombing of Afghanistan killed a few hundred (Muslim) civilians. This explains why the Arabs never thanked the West for defending the Muslims in Kosovo. This explains why the Arabs hate America's and Britain's pro-democracy policies (it is not democracy that matters, it is the preservation of the Arab leadership).

Not a single Islamic leader has issued a "fatwa" against Islamic terrorists. Islamic leaders routinely issue fatwas against writers who dare speak against Islam (often with attached a death sentence) and even fatwas against Muslim women accused of not wearing the veil or of wanting to divorce an abusive husband; but not a single fatwa has been issued against Osama Bin Laden (or, for that matter, Saddam Hussein or any other crazy Arab dictator), anywhere in the Arab world. In fact, the only reproach for the terrorists that came from the Islamic leaders was against suicide: it is amoral for the Muslim terrorist to commit suicide, it is not amoral for the Muslim terrorist to blow up infidels.

It gets worse. Whether they admit it or not, the Islamic attitude over the centuries (up till today) has been expansionistic. Muslims are still trying to expand beyond their borders as they have been doing since the 7th century. It is ironic that they refer to Israel as an "occupying force" when the Arabs "are" the occupying force in a land that stretches from Morocco to Iraq and that they conquered in a series of bloody wars. (If Israel has to return the occupied territories, one wonders why the Arabs should not return "their" occupied territories, i.e. all the land from Morocco to Iraq, including Palestine). The problem is that too many Arabs see nothing wrong when a Muslim occupies a non-Muslim land (that's the way it is written it should be) but see a big problem when a non-Muslim occupies a Muslim land (that goes counter to the Islamic mission of occupying the entire planet).

Every single day, millions of children and students in schools around the Islamic world are asked to recite the verses of the Quran that require every good Muslim to fight for the expansion of Islam.

This attitude has led many Muslims on the war path against most of the world. Today, there are Muslims fighting against America, Israel, India, China, Russia, and making trouble in Indonesia, Philippines, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, etc. Minorities that are being persecuted and/or massacred by Arabs include the Sahrawis in Morocco, the Kurds in Iraq, the Berbers in Algeria, the Dinkas in Sudan. It is an endless list of conflicts that pit Islam against pretty much all the other religions/cultures in the world.

When is the last time that an Arab leader went on TV and said (in Arabic, not in English!) that other people have the same right to exist as the Arabs? They can't, because it just would not resonate with the Islamic masses. Every time Bush or Blair tell their people that they recognize the right to exist of another people, it resonates with the American and British masses, who value democracy and self-determination. But those are values that just do not resonate with the Islamic masses.

It is not America or the West that has declared war on Islam, it is the opposite: Islam has declared war on everybody else. And it didn't happen today.

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