ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


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To:  Syrian and Lebanese Communities Open Letter to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon From Concerned Syrians and Lebanese

Mr. Prime Minister,

Real peaceful and democratic Syrians and Lebanese do not want you to make peace with Syria. Allow us to explain.

After George W. Bush won the elections, Syria has decided, suddenly, to seek normal relations with Israel and conduct herself according to international standards. This is nothing but trickery by the Ba'athists to retain power.

When the Ba’athists in Damascus found out that the Commercial Bank of Syria is about to be indicted, U.N. Resolution 1559 is going to be enforced, and that their support for terrorists in Fallujah has failed, they decided that it was time to show a gentler side in order to buy more time for themselves and their policies.

Today, Syria is sending some very good diplomatic signals and unfortunately there are some naïve people who believe what Syria is telling them.

If Syria is serious about peace, it should start making peace at home first. It should pull out of Lebanon immediately.

The Syrian society today is full of hate and anger. Hate against Jews and anger against the United States. This did not happen by accident but by a deliberate design of the Ba’ath party.

For peace to succeed, co-existence must be a pre-condition. Syrian Ba’athists have failed on both fronts and if you allow them to succeed by delivering supposed peace with Israel, they will certainly fail on co-existence. What kind of society will your grandchildren and ours see in Israelis, Lebanese, and Syrians as neighbors but trained for hate? Mr. Prime Minister, what Syria is offering is not peace, it is only a fake political orgasm.

If Israel signs a peace treaty with Syria before Syria pulls out of Lebanon and while Syria still maintains an iron grip on the Syrian society and where democratic leaders have no say into the future of their country, Israel will be signing its own death warrant. May we remind you of the hateful Hezbollah nurtured under the patronage of Ba’athism? The Ba’athists in Damascus are not interested in peace only in power, their own. They will use Israel to remain in power in order to continue their policies of hatred. Only when Syria declares peace inside its own borders and delivers freedom to Lebanon, can Syria deliver real peace.

What kind of message are we sending when we make peace with a country that tried to destabilize Iraq? Do we reward them by giving them perpetuity of their dictatorship?

What kind of societies do we really want in the Middle East? Do we want societies that can deliver permanent peace of mind for either peoples or societies that can deliver cessation of hostilities and hate?

The solution is to continue pressuring Syria until it brings peace to her own people and free Lebanon. Moral clarity dictates that Israel helps free Syrians so that both people can decide what future they want as neighbors. Peace with a dictatorship can only perpetuate the misery of oppression felt by 22 million Syrians and Lebanese.

We urge you to think about your own citizens by freeing ours.

We urge you to seize this moment in history to help usher a new era for humanity in the region by continuing to pressure Syria to adopt real democratic reforms.

We urge you to show how wrong it is to stand-by and let other people suffer and dictatorships flourish.

We urge you to pressure Syria to totally reform her own society first and exit Lebanon before Israel makes peace with her.


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