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United Nation Vrs Terrorists in LEBANON

Throughout history, our societies have witnessed so much of Mankind's
cruelty, yet it has seen so much of our spirit. Today, in the 20th century,
Mankind has recognized the God given human right of each other and the value
of the precious life of each individual. However, there are still those who
are directly targeting innocent civilians with a cold-blooded hate torturing
their lives to force their ideology through without even a grain of
humanity.  Such an act is unjustified, unacceptable and is an act of

Terrorism is a man made virus. It is a bad ideology manufactured in
totalitarian regimes. These regimes oppress their people and feed them
hatred toward anything that threatens their prejudiced monarchies. That is
why terrorists turn against everyone including their own people. The problem
is more complex, these same regimes use these terrorists to benefit
internationally and gain more support by claiming to control them. They give
you the virus and sell you the cure; it makes a perfect sense.

The free world has missed to perceive the birth of this new dangerous threat
called terrorism, which is now waging a war against the human civilization
and the free world. We have witnessed the deadly ideology scale of
destruction in America (9/11), Indonesian (Tourist resort), Russia (school,
& theater attacks), Spain (Train attack), Saudi Arabia (foreign resort).
Terrorism has proved to be the strongest enemy ever known to Mankind.  In
the last few years, Terrorism has struck the 4 corners of the world and
disrupted its economy and security. This proofs that Terrorism is no longer
at a reformation stage; it is physically a full-developed deadly ideology
spread all over the world that must be fought with the all-mighty of the
free world. The world united and represented by the UNITED NATION should
lead the war against terrorism. Most important the United Nation must prove
that the war on terrorists is not a dispute between 2 nations rather; the
war on terrorist should be dealt with as a barbaric and inhumane act against
humanity and civilization. The United Nation must prove its credibility in
the war against terror by enforcing its resolutions to the terrorists and
their manufactured regimes.

On September 1st, the United Nation issued a resolution (number 1559) asking
Syria, a totalitarian regime controlled by the Baath party who supports
terrorist groups (Hizbollah, Hamas.), to leave Lebanon.  Resolution 1559
calls for the restoration of Lebanon democracy.  However, the fact that
Syria, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups control Lebanon makes resolution
1559 go far beyond Lebanon to be the battleground for terrorism against the
free world.  This resolution is a major test for the war on terrorism.It
will prove whether countries such as Syria, along with the support of
terrorist groups are able to challenge the United Nation. (Important to
mention that: along the Syrian puppet government, only the terrorist
organizations like Hezbollah. are defending the presence of Syrian army in
Lebanon and working against the 1559 resolution).  In other words, the
challenge of the UNITED NATION resolution 1559 is an indirect recognition of
terrorism by the UNITED NATION.  The difficulty behind implementing the
UNITED NATION resolution is the fact that resolutions are a dispute between
2 equal nations. Hence, failing to implement resolution 1559 is a victory
for terrorists all over the WORLD and is a credit to terrorists by
considering them as a nation who intentionally slaughters innocent kids, men
& women to force their ideology.

Since 1992, Syria has placed complete control over Lebanon and sponsored all
terrorists groups providing them a safe haven, weapons, and most
importantly, fuelling their ideology with more hate against the free world.
Syria has placed a puppet government to rule Lebanon as a police state and
made it a fertile land for the deadly ideology of terrorism. Syria has
transferred Lebanon from being Paris of the east, one of the 1st
democracies, a home for free press and the contributor of the united nation
human right chart, to a totalitarian regime where:

1- Political imprisonments (Dr. Samir Geagea the head of Christian's

2- The torturing and killing of the apposition members, Ramsi Irani, Pierre
Boulos, .

3- Oppressing university students

4- The collapse of the Lebanese economy, (money laundering, national debt
almost 40 billion, 90% of Lebanese living below poverty line.)

5- Ethnic-cleansing of Lebanese labor and their replacement by Syrian labor
who don't even pay Lebanese tax.

6- The sponsoring of terrorist groups (Hezbollah, and many other groups)

7- Adjusting the Lebanese constitution to fit Syrian interest, Firing
government politicians whom the Lebanese people truly elected (MP Gabriel

8- Control the press and shutting down opposition stations (MTV station, NTV

And the list goes on.

We Lebanese people have long paid the price of terrorism. We have long
suffered under the occupation of totalitarian regime. We have long pleaded
to the Free World to help us stand for democracy and human rights. Today,
for the very 1st time, we Lebanese people find hope in the United Nation
resolution 1559, which calls for the restoration of Lebanon and same time it
is the most important step in the fight against terrorism.  If the free
world fails to implement resolution 1559 to restore democracy in Lebanon
which give the way to Christianity, Islam, Judaism, western and eastern
civilizations to embrace and co-exist in peace; It is hard to see how the
free world can win against the deadly ideology of terrorism in any other
place, simply because these 5 elements (Christianity, Islam, Judaism,
western and eastern civilizations) are the same elements the totalitarian
regimes use to manufacture the deadly ideology. Lebanon is the right place
to dismantle the formula of international terrorism

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