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ܡܣܒ ܒܐܦܵܐ ܒܛܘܪܥܒܕܝܢ


Stoppa hyckleriet i Turabdin!

أوقفوا هذه المهزلة في طور عابدين!

Stop the hypocrisy in Turabdin!


The Syriac Orthodox monastery of Mor Hobel and Mor Abrohom in Turabdin (Turkey) is preparing itself for receiving some “Assyrians” who intend to celebrate an “Assyrian” heathen feast in it.

We, the Syriac Orthodox youth, are very astonished that our Syriac Orthodox churches and establishments are hosting such heathen feasts, which have nothing to do with our Syriac Christian people and their Syriac identity. We wonder how the Syriac-orthodox bishop Samuel Aktash of Turabdin could accept such farces in his diocese. We wonder also how the Patriarch of the Syriac Orthodox church could approve such comical attitudes in the church, and does nothing to stop those who try to exploit the church for their non Christian goals.

The so called “Assyrian” organizations in the West try their best to lay our church and its clergymen under their influence. By celebrating an “Assyrian” feast in Turabdin shows that the Syriac-orthodox churches in Turabdin are under the influence of these “Assyrian” organizations.

Turabdin was the cradle of the Syriac-Aramean people more than a thousand year before Christ, and now is facing new “Assyrians”.

Where are the “powerful” Syriac organizations in the West which boast that they represent the Syriac people? Are they also infiltrated by these “Assyrians” or don´t they have interest in the honourable struggle for the preservation and protection of the Syriac name any more?

The Syriac-Orthodox Youth

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