ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


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Proclamation to the world’s Lebanese political and humanitarian organizations



           It is already 14 years since the end of the Lebanese war, which was falsely named “civil”, but in fact it was a result of intense activities of international terrorists networks in the territory of Lebanon.There is no excuse or explanation why the long time period wasn’t enough to find and to bring to justice murderers of thousands of Lebanese citizens.This failure raises a question what the Lebanese government is representing today.

Lets remember September of 1983 events, when 62 Lebanese villages demolished were stripped of everything and killing more than 1500 women, men, and children.On October 1990 about 80 Lebanese army soldiers bodies were found dead, stripped, their hands tied behind their backs and been shot in the back of their heads. 51 Lebanese Army soldiers were stripped and executed. 200 supporters of the Lebanese Army general Aoun were arrested and simply disappeared, as well Priests, Monks and civilians.The murder of the National Liberal Party leader Chamoon and his family, as well the planted bomb in Jounieh church killing at least 16 people during Sunday Mass, and the execution of two Lebanese presidents Bashir Jumeil and Rene Muawad.These massacres were prepared and applied by Pro-Syrian groups, Syrian intelligent service including armed forces, communist, Palestinian, Hizzbolah, and Arab radical terrorists. All these networks remain in power and most of their leaders are even more powerful at the present time in the Lebanese and Syrian governments.The ignorance and tolerance of the war crimes and criminals becomes political disease and destroy Lebanon’s efforts to move toward democracy.

Democracy begins with justice and human rights. Free presidential, governmental elections, and existing order of the law for criminals even who committed crimes in the past are the fundamentals of the democratic society.For all the reasons the United Phoenician Party is calling international Lebanes political and  humanitarian organizations.We urge signing a common direct appeal to the Lebanese president, parliament, and members of the government as well political parties, as soon as possible rehabilitate justice, human rights and democracy.

We call the Lebanese government:

· To appeal to the international community and United Nations for assistance to remove all foreign armed forces and terrorist’s organizations sponsored by foreign countries.

· Form a commission for war criminals, investigate their organizations actions, disclosing and hand over the international tribunal.

· Prohibit parties and religious organizations from promoting violence, racial and religious discrimination.

· Any none governmental armed group’s liquidation order within the territory of Lebanon.


History represents Phoenician (today Lebanese) as particularly peaceful and creative nation, which has potential, and determination to decide its future and deserve to live in democracy on the east cost of the Mediterranean Sea.



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