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Poll: 69% Reject Lahoud, 90% Reject Syria Naming Presidents

A public opinion poll published Tuesday shows that 69% of the Lebanese oppose an extension or renewal of (Syrian Appointed Lebanese) President Lahoud's term in office and 90% reject the concept of Syria appointing the president of Lebanon.

The poll was conducted by the Beirut weekly Ash Shiraa, whose three consecutive polls in 1998 convinced the late Syrian President Hafez Assad to back then Army commanding Gen. Emile Lahoud for Lebanon's top post, An Nahar noted.

Ash Shiraa's new poll covered 1,000 Lebanese, 550 Muslims and 450 Christians from various walks of life across Lebanon. Rejecters of Syria appointing Lebanon's president were 92% Sunnis, 78% Shiites, 100 % Druze, 97% Maronites and 96% Christians in general, An Nahar noted.

Fifty-six percent of those polled rejected the regime's contention that Syria's presence in Lebanon was 'legitimate and provisional,' with 40% supporting that concept.

As for the favorites for the presidency, 26% supported parliament member Nassib Lahoud, 12% rallied behind legislator Butros Harb and 10% were for Suleiman Franjieh.

What was particularly interesting in Ash Shiraa's poll is that 63% of the Christians, 77% of them Maronites, supported a change of the system to have the president elected by direct public vote provided all the runners are Maronite, An Nahar said.

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