ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


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Dear Fellow Phoenicians,

The Hezbollah and Amal Parties have become so incompetent, so out of control and so unbelievably corrupt that no amount of spin can cover it up. The factís weíre witnessing a dramatic reversal in national politics. If we seize this opportunity, we can change history. Everyone can see what Hezbollah and Amal leaders did when they opposed the Lebanese demonstration for freedom from Syrian regime and its terrorist allies.

They were indicated for laundering more money for their seats away from the real Lebanese representatives.

Thatís what their money for influence machine is about special interest money to fund Hezbollah and Amal officials who will make sure those contributors get a return on their investment.

We do thing differently. So letís prove it. Letís raise twice the amount they are accused of laundering, and letís do it in grass roots donations.

Show Lebanese that ordinary people have the power to raise 2$ for every 1$ Hezbollah can launder. Make a contribution and fight Hezbollah and Amal corruption:

The corruption in Beirut has gotten so bad that even Hezbollah and Amal canít stomach Hezbollah and Amal any longer.

One minister told the news that Hezbollah and Amal arms has become ossified and hopelessly out of touch-they only care about one thing, hanging onto their own terrorism for Lebanese government and the Lebanese men, women and children.

There is a wave of change coming, and Hezbollah are battling against frustration from average voters and disappointment from their fringe extremist base.

The only limits on our potential are the number of strong United Phoenician Party who steps forward to talk about the corruption, and our ability to turn out the vote in every location.

Part of our job is to make sure that we have those fighting members and that truly national organization in place. Our strength to potential candidates and to voters is that our promise of change is backed up millions of committed people like you who will do whatever it takes to carry the Lebanese Democracy and freedom to victory.

Please make a contribution now to show that ordinary people have the power to drive UPP victory:

Hezbollah and Amal are having serious problems convincing people to keep their arms defending terrorism, corruption, criminal retaliation against Lebanese SLA and cronyism.

The Beirut post reports, serious worries in the Hezbollah and Amal establishment over their recruitment failures. Meanwhile, the Lebanese freedom is growing our slate of solid support continues to expand, and over 15 millions people strategy of putting organizers in every location continues to attract top talent everywhere.

With a serious push now in enough time to build a powerful party structure that will last beyond a single election cycle we can reshape the electoral landscape in 2006 and beyond letís hit the one million dollar by Friday:

The future begins today Lebanon can do better, and the United Phoenician Party is the vehicle for change.

Here at UPP headquarters, everyone knows that you not special interest are in the driverís seat.

Thank you

United Phoenician Party

P.S. A group of donors committed to a broad fundraising base has committed to matching every dollar raised between now and October 21. Every dollar contributed today will be matched so, doubling the Hezbollah and Amal dirty money actually means quadrupling it to more than two million dollars. This is a fantastic time to make donation be part of the action by clicking here:

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