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Palestinian terrorism and war crimes

September 1975
Men belonging to the armed groups of the Palestinian leaders George Habash (a Christian) and Nayef Hawatmeh (a Muslim) executed all the Christian villagers from Beit Mellat in the north of Lebanon, who had fallen into their hands. Nayef Hawatmeh is a member of the DFLP and his group was recently removed from the list of terror groups by the Clinton administration so he could work with Arafat. Subsequently, Israel refused to allow him to enter Gaza as Israel considers him a dangerous terrorist, yet the Clinton administration has not reversed its' decision.

September 3, 1975
At Deir Ayach in Northern Lebanon, a monastery transformed in 1947 into a school was twenty eight years later attacked by Lebanese and Palestinians. The school had 960 children (660 Muslims) who mainly were attending at no cost. Three monks aged, respectively, 60, 78, and 93, the sole occupants of Deir Ayach on that day were murdered. The veins of the blind Boutros Sassine's arms were severed. Antoine Tamini was slaughtered, decapitated, and burned. Hanna Maksoud was found in his room, his throat cut. The Christian villagers living around the school monastery fled, and the aggressors destroyed their village.

January 15, 1976
The Palestinians arrived at Kab Elias, an Islamic Christian village situated in the Bekaa. Some ten days later, 16 Christians were killed and another 23 were injured. Following that, we witnessed the exodus of the Christians towards Zahlé, East Beirut and Jounieh.

At the beginning of January 1976
In Damour and Jieh, two Christian towns south of Beirut, the Palestinians and Syrians went so far as to cut the fingers of Christian children to ensure that they never would be able to pull a gun's trigger. In Damour, at least 300 inhabitants were killed and their churches profaned.

January 19, 1976
The village of Hoche Barada in the Bekaa was attacked by Palestinians and Muslim Lebanese and completely pillaged and destroyed.

In 1976
The Army of Arab Lebanon, founded by the Palestinians, attacked the city of Aintoura and destroyed it. The attack was led by the Lebanese officer Ibrahim Chahine.

In 1976
The Lebanese officer Samir Abou Zahr led the massacre perpetrated by the Army of Arab Lebanon on the Emir Bechir Barracks in Beirut. During this massacre, Lebanese soldiers and officers were murdered in their sleep.

In 1976
The Lebanese officer Mostapha Sleiman, a member of the Army of Arab Lebanon, led the massacre of the Lebanese population in the city of Chekka. xt

March 10, 1976
Officer Moiin Hatoum, member of the Army of Arab Lebanon led an attack on the Khyam Barracks. Over 30 Lebanese soldiers were killed.

March 1985
Exodus of tens of thousands of Christians from Iklim El_Kharroub and the eastern part of Saida. The Palestinians and Lebanese Druze laid siege to, pillaged and burned over twenty Christian villages. Walid Joumblatt, Yasser Arafat and Syrian officers, planned these massacres.

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