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Muslim Terror Groups Stepping up Activities in Latin America

By: Haaretz
Islamic terrorist groups - including Hamas and Hezbollah - have recently stepped up their efforts to consolidate their power in distant areas of Latin America, HA'ARETZ reported. According to Israeli and American security sources, the groups have focused their activities in the area of the borders between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Hamas and Hezbollah, alongside Al-Qaida and World Jihad groups, have been busy training recruits, collecting arms, and gathering intelligence about targets, including Jewish and Israeli targets.
Major General Moshe Kaplinski, general of the Central Command, said last week during the annual intelligence assessment conducted by the army that Israel needed to reassess its perception of Hezbollah as limited only to the north, in relation to Lebanon, Syria and Iran. He said that many of the terror attacks in the territories were now carried out under explicit instructions from Hezbollah, including orders as specific as "which explosives should be given to which bomber and where they should go."

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