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London s inhabitants pay price for the existence of the Syrian Regime

At a time, the world united looking for words to grief the terrorist
inhumane attack targeting innocence lives in London on july-7, the Syrian
official news agency SANA on July 8 is justifying the attack with a headline
that reads :" London 's inhabitants pay price for war on Iraq" LONDON , July
8 ( SANA ).

At a time, we all hope to catch these terrorists with those who support and
benefit from these coward inhuman attacks to be brought to justice. The
Syrian Baath regime move to benefit from these attacks by defending
terrorism and justifying their attack as a resistance force to liberate the
Arabic land.

All what the Syrian Foreign Minister Farouq al-Shara had to say after such
disgusting barrbaric attacks is: "They are a denounced action that underline
the peoples of the region need to work hand in a hand as to change this
congested atmosphere into a better one that could achieve peace in the
Middle East," Damascus, July 8, (SANA)

1st- Congested atmosphere is term used between 2 sides trying to settle
differences however there is another serious problem in the region which is
Farouq al-Shara tryting to cover and it is called terrorism and it is anti
human & anti civilization and there's no way it could be excepted as dispute
between humans...

2nd it is true that the people of the region need to work hand in hand
however, these hands must exclude the hands of terrorists such as the Baath
Syrian Regime, Baath Iraqi regime, Islamic fundamentalists and terrorist
groups whom Mr Farouq al-Shara is supporting. Working with such regimes or
such groups, means the free world gave in for terrorists and legitimated
their acts and that will bring a devastating impact to the human race and
their civilization.

The Syrian Baath regime (twin brother of ex-Iraqi Baath party) uses such
propagandas to divert the true intention of the war in Iraq. The war is to
transform Iraq to a democratic country after destroying the Iraqi Baath
regime lead by ex-dictator Saddam Hussein who terrorized and attacked
neighboring countries, tortured and used chemical against civilian Iraqis,
and for years barbarically ruled Iraq forming a dark ages society that feeds
on terror and blood...

Another very important fact, The Syrian Baath Regime propaganda serves as a
media tool to cover the Terrorist activities as resistance force throughout
the Arab world and to promote for more attacks...

London's attack is not in any way the result of the war on Iraq. The war on
Iraq is to limit the spread & to disrupt the fertile land of terrorists.
Terrorists are the product of such regime and it is very crucial for the
world peace & for the sake of human civilization to get rid of such regimes
especially, the Syrian Baath Regime led by Bassar el Assad. This regime is
supporting terrorist groups (insurgent in Iraq, Hezbollah, Hamas).
terrorizing and attacking neighboring countries (assassinations in
Lebanon)... torturing the Syrian people (human rights reports). for years,
the Baath Syrian regime barbarically ruled Syria forming a dark age society
that feeds on terror and blood which now spreading through out the world...

London 's inhabitants is paying and all the whole world is to pay the price
of such regimes. 


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