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USCFL Intelligence: Lebanese puppet regime sets up Committee in the US to monitor

 USCFL and other pro-Lebanon activist organizations  (November 10, 2004) It has been confirmed to some key members of the USCFL Intelligence Task Force that the Lahoud regime in Lebanon along with their  cronies in the Diaspora have recently set up a US Committee in coordination with the Lebanese Embassy in Washington DC to monitor the USCFL and other pro-Lebanon activist organizations and block their unprecedented access to the Bush Administration and their successful lobbying for Lebanon.  "Let it be known to all involved in the process (and we have the complete list of collaborators) that they will miserably fail in their respective attempts and will be ridiculed in front of everybody.....whatever powerful they think they are; starting from the alleged billionaire Issam Fares, the egomaniac Al Walid Bin Talal , former U! S Ambassador to Lebanon Abdallah Bouhabib, famous stooge Robert Chaine or the likes .....said Mr. Abdelnour; USCFL President, at a recent press conference in New York City regarding the subject matter. "We at the USCFL are fully aware of all the combinations being orchestrated by the Syrians to stay in control in Lebanon .....from preparing puppet Suleiman Frangieh to become the next Lebanese president after Lahoud by giving him the Interior Ministry portfolio, to blocking the implementation of UNSCR 1559 that calls for ending the rule of the fundamentalist militias and Mafia organizations in Lebanon and buying, intimidating or suing anybody who stands their way" added Mr. Abdelnour......but guess what? We are fully ready for the challenge and are confident Syria's days in Lebanon are numbered and their influence throughout the Middle East waning down.

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