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Lebanon does not need lessons from morally bankrupt Prince Al Walid Bin Talal


(October 9, 2004)

 In a telephone interview with the New Yok Sun, USCFL President Ziad K. Abdelnour blasted Prince Al Walid Bin Talal for his calls to silence those opposed to an extended presidential term passed by parliament. "Because he has been given Lebanese nationality, this pathetic lackey of Syria treats Lebanese as if he owns them" said Mr. Abdelnour. The USCFL President further added: "We do not accept being humiliated; especially by second class Saudis who believe that everything can be bought" stated Mr. Abdelnour. "I guess t! he megalomaniac prince is not accustomed to democracy and freedom of the press and wants to reduce the Lebanese patriots to silence. If this is the case, maybe he'd better come back and live with his retarded fellow Arabs in his pathetic kingdom of Saudi Arabia, playing with his toes under the tent and eating dates" added Mr. Abdelnour. "Lebanon has no room for people like him and one wonders how his grandfather Riad El Solh; Lebanon's first post-independence prime minister, would have reacted to such statements if he was alive today. Maybe the prince should be brought to heel and stripped from his Lebanese citizenship once Syria is kicked out of Lebanon, and maybe he will be treated accordingly.  Most importantly, maybe Patriarch Sfeir should tell Al Walid to shove his bribe of $1 million to the Maronite Church the same way Mayor Rudolp! h Giuliani suggested it to him when offered $10 million to the victims of the 9/11 Saudi led catastrophy into the World Trade Center”.

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