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Urgent Appeal – Lebanon

For Immediate release and distribution - Please forward


Background: The Innocent and peaceful people of Lebanon are once more threatened with great dangers, both physical and moral, bringing to memory the fateful days of 1975-1976 and 1984-1990.

On the physical side, half a dozen attacks, inclusive of assassinations and car bombs, have broken the peace over the last six months, with the perpetrators remaining unknown. Although the Syrian army has withdrawn most of its men and equipment from the country, its final departure is not yet complete, and the country is subjected to destabilizing pressures and counter pressures by foreign governments and local political factions including armed groups. There is talk of dispatching international or multi-national forces into Lebanon.

On the moral side, the people are confused by the conflicting messages (disseminated through the heavily biased mass media) that negatively impact their ability to actively participate in the political process to re-establish democracy under the rule of law based on national elections. It is well-known that the elections laws of Lebanon are tailored to serve the discredited political establishment that is now split among so called “loyalist” and “opposition” camps and lack every condition of integrity and modernity. Hence the ability of the people to achieve true democratic representation depends on the reform and modernization of the elections law and on training the people on how to engage in the process.

Mission: The international volunteers will act as human shields for security and democracy. They will spread into sensitive areas of Lebanon to show solidarity, provide moral support, and tell the people of their experiences in democratic action in their respective countries. Their publicized presence will deter foreign powers and/or their local agents from engaging in more physical attacks against innocent Lebanese civilians. They will provide active support for the effective practicing of human and democratic rights by the people of Lebanon leading to a freely elected government in full independence from all kinds of foreign interferences. The volunteers will have to meet their own expenses.

For more information and to join the group of international human shields and other non-violent activists please contact us at or by telephone and Fax: +961-1-396391.

Inhad means stand-up, rise and become aware. It is dedicated to a free, democratic and indivisible Republic of Lebanon and aims at realizing the substance of liberty and human rights through an agenda for democracy. Please check

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