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 Genève Conferece-050417

Roni from SOMEC with father Keith and other organisations

Coalition for the defense of human rights and Christian solidarity international.

Father Keith opens the conference and start by thanking everybody and he mentions that professor Walid Phares couldn’t be here but he is thankful that we have his representative Roni with us.

Keith talks about two main goals for the coalition witch are, 1. To help our Christian communities in the Middle East and the second is to work against the Islamisation of Europe.

Keith talks a bit about the CSI and some of its accomplishments.

There is a goal for CSI witch is to build a congress for ¨dhimmy people¨. In the congress there could be sub groups for writers, artists, politicians and so on.

Later every attended stood up and presented himself and his organization.

Some of the attended were from Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Serbia and Montenegro, USA, France, UK, Austria, Switzerland and of course from Sweden:

I was representing Somec (Solidarity Organization for Middle Eastern Christians) in Sweden and was there also on behalf of Professor Walid Phares.

Later during the day we had a few more Copts and Africans.

We continue and some people talk about the situation under Islamic rule in general.

We then divides in three groups were we worked for an hour on different angles of the subject. I choose the group of Media and Academics.

It was a good talk and I pointed out the importance to work on the European Academician.

Those are the people that will be working on the Middle East and with Islamic issues later on and if they have an education that tells them something it is very hard to later take that away from their heads and convince them to see things our way. I mentioned my University Uppsala and how the situation is in Sweden and that we have opened a door to students here to study at a private Christian University in Lebanon were students can get another view of the Middle East than students that end up in Cairo or Damascus.

They all agreed of course and the next day when we were at the UN building we met a girl that was studying Islamic studies in Geneva University and she had the same view on things like my fellow students in Sweden. Later she asked some questions to the different speech holders and she had exactly the same questions Im used to hear in Sweden.

Conference at the UN house 05-04-18

Victims of Jihad

Roni from SOMEC with other organisations

Johannes Jannes, professor of Islamic studies in Holland

He talked about takfiir and refered a lot to Ibn Taymiya.

He talked about the Wahabi movement and that they would spin on the takfiir to include the whole society. He talked about Sayed Qoutb and his movement later on.

Hammouda Bella, Northern Sudanese Human rights activist

He talked about Sudan’s situation and how the bad part of the Jihad ideology came in to Sudan through Egypt, first through Hassan Turabi and his followers who were trained by Hezbollah in Lebanon. There were a fatwa in Sudan from 1993 that says that every one who leaves Islam must burn in hell. Also he mentioned the houdoud law witch tells you cut hands and stone and so on. He also talked about the massacres that ¨Arab Sudanese¨ are doing on against other black Muslims in Darfur region.

David Littman, writer

He talked about Saudi and Egyptian school books and how they teach that the Arab/Muslim kids are more superior to anyone else. They also teach that Jews and Christians will burn in hell and that they are the enemies of Islam.

Bat ye´or, writer and Middle East expert.

She talked about Dhimmitude people and the system in general.

She got many questions and answered very well. Some mentioned that in Andalusia Arab Muslim rule were very good with other religions and Bat answered that Andalusia were full of Christian slaves and how the Jihadists could come twice a year and demolish towns and villages. She declared that the Golden age of Andalusia were only a myth were there were a certain good relation between artists and other groups but certainly not on the human rights basis. Jews and Christians were all gone by the 1200 century.

Simon Deng, southern Sudanese and former slave in a so called Arab Sudanese family.

He talked about all the massacres made on the southern Sudanese and there were over 2 million dead only between 1083 and 2005. Their only crime is that they refuse to Islamise and become Arabs. Manu Islamic and Arab countries sponsor the northern Sudanese to do what they are doing while no country officially support the south Sudanese’s cause.

When he were talking he talked about his time as a slave in that Arab/Muslim family and while talking he started to cry a bit and couldn’t continue his speech. He had to leave the room and let someone else continue his testimony.

It was very sensitive and I can’t explain the feeling in the room.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, member in the Dutch parliament, of Somali origin.

She was the one behind the documentary about the role of women in Islam when the Jihad fundamentalism is leading. She tried to not accuse Islam as whole and said that not all Muslims do the things she find wrong but that that were a part of Islam and many girls and women do suffer under it, even in Europe.

Caroline Fourest, French writer and ¨feminist¨.

She has write about Christian extremism in 10 years without any threatened and about Muslim extremism for 5 years with some threat. She said that the women issue is something that unites all extremists in all religions.

Muslim thinks sometimes that they are stopping the influence of the west by not giving women her full rights.

Azam Kamguian, Iranian writer who have left Islam.

She also talked about the difficulty of leaving Islam and what could happen to women if they do that. She described a bit the situation for women in today’s Iran.

Bin Warraq, Pakistani historian and writer that have left Islam.

He talks about the danger that anyone that leave Islam can face. He refers to many verses from the hadith. Edward Said´s book ¨Orientalism¨ has made lots of damages and today we are changing that vocabulary to something we call ¨Islamofobia¨.

The two conferences were both excellent and very educative. It was a great opportunity to share the problem the Middle East is struggling with since ages ago with other people and nations struggling now and others who their struggle is about to begin. I hope we can keep the uniting efforts to be able to stand up against the same danger that is threatening our human values and our existence as free human beings.

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