ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


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Did you know that it took over a month to form the masked pro Syrian

Lebanese government? This government is supposed to serve around 7 month and
over watch the parliamentary elections.

Did you know that the Baath party took over political and economical life in
Syria and became the only legal party in the country? Syria is a republic by
constitution, but the Baath party governs the nation?

Did you know that on New Year Eve January-2005 shots were fired at the plane
of Harriri's who oppose the Syrian interference in Lebanon?

Did you know that President Assad during his visit to Russia claimed that
Lebanon has no constitutional agencies?

Did you know that the Lebanese Government offered General Aoun a safe return
to Lebanon and to drop all charges against him if he cooperates with the Pro
Syrians in the elections? Doesn't this show us how the government controls
the justice system?

Did you know that the Lebanese Government is objecting the presence of
international and UN monitors during the spring elections? Meanwhile
International monitors were present recently in Ukraine, Palestine and Iraq.

Did you know that the United Nation helped setup and monitor 101-election
process since 1992? Examples of such countries are Algeria and Armenia

Did you know that Iraqis living abroad were allowed to vote? Did you know
that Syria allows Syrian abroad to vote? But Syrian Lebanese Puppet
government denies this right to the Lebanese citizen abroad.

Did you know that Syrian prisons house approximately 600 Prisoners of

Did you know that AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL in a public statement filed under?
"AI Index: MDE 24/048/2004 (Public) News Service No: 164 29"
Condemned the unfair trial of conscience, and the alleged torture and ill
treatment of minors held in the custody of the Syrian authorities for months
without trial.

Based on a report by the Syrian reform party issued on September 24, 2004.
Bushara al-Assad, sister to President Assad is afraid that Iraqi funds (that
somehow found way to her personal account from Iraqi source!!) may have to
be returned to Iraq. She has asked her brother for protection against any
collection efforts by the U.S. or Iraq.

Based on a report issued by the Reform Party of Syria, on Spet 14 2004
Israel downed two Syrian MIG-29 jets over the Mediterranean. Maj. Arshad
Midhat Moubarak and Cpt. Ahmad al-Khatib piloted the Syrian planes
respectively. Syrian helicopters rescued both pilots. The Israeli Air Force
used a Python 4 missile to down the Mig-29 piloted by Maj. Moubarak and a
Sidwinder AIM-9M to down the Mig-29 operated by Cpt. Al-Khatib.

Did you know that the assistant to the deputy secretary of state David
Saterfiled declared that the US is not concerned on what kind of visits or
claims Syrian leaders make. All that the US cares about is to see the full
implementation of 1559?

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