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Where General Aoun is going ?

At a time when the international interest of the world's major powers met
the hope of the Lebanese people to raise a free sovereign democratic
At a timeThe international community watching if the Lebanese people votes
for a sovereign  democratic Lebanon & most important to solve their internal
affairs trough peacful means...
At a time when the international comunity promissing econmical support to
help lebanon through its trensition from Syrian Accoupation to the Cedar
At a time the United Nation is trying to leash Syria's army and secret
service away from Lebanon leaving

through such time, is it coincidence during Beirut election predominately
Sunni district with significant christian votes, General Aoun presented
himself as a Christian leader accusing the opposition in hijecking the
Christian voice which worked as a cover to boycott Solonge Gmayl & Gebran
Twaini (2 main anti Syrian Christian figures) which led to low turn out of
votes unlike the Southern district dominated by Hezbollah where the rate of
voting riched up 45%

using the same sectarian propaganda General Aoun presented himself as a
Christian leader in Mount Lebanon, mainly a Christian district, to gain the
Christians to his side & justify his alliance with Michael el Mur (a pro
Syrian Christian figure who illegally neutralized more then 300000 Syrian in
Lebanon...) this propaganda and alliance allowed Michael El Mur to return to
the parliament and divert the Christians from demanding the end of Syrian
appointed president which was the major event that forced the United Nation
to interfere in Lebanon and pass resolution 1559 that calls for end of
Syrian interference in Lebanon

After Mount Lebanon election Michael Aoun turned 180 degree and declared a
new alliance in North Lebanon with all the pro Syrian political figures. an
alliance that totally contradict the compian Aoun had advertised in Mount
Lebanon... in mount Lebanon he portrait himself as Christian leader and an
anti Syrian where in North Lebanon he surround himself with those who
tortured the Lebanese & mainly the Christians and forced the biggest
migration for the Christian Lebanese in history (100000's of Christians fled
Lebanon during 1990 to 2005)... such as Syrian Baath Party, Syrian
Nationalist, Oumar Karami, Isam Fares,...)
have Aoun declared his Northern alliance before Mount Lebanon election he
would not have one the Christian votes...
Surrounded with strong and pro Syrian alliance Aoun Moves to North Lebanon
to fight the Opposition after scoring a big hit against syrian opposition in
Mount Lebanon

again Aoun declare a war against Jumblat where jumblat won all Babbda Allay
& shouf & the lose

the picture became very unclear,  how could an anti Syrian General Aoun
become the person who well serves Syria's interest... providing Syria with a
legal cover to move back into Lebanon through the Lebanese parliament...

it is very hard to understand how a new Christian leader General Aoun allies
himself with those who tortured and committed crimes causing an ethnic
cleansing against the Christian Lebanese for the past 15 year...

it is unexplainable how would Aoun be the force that silenced many Christian
figures who courageously fought against the Syrian occupation such as Dori
shamoun... and now building Lebanon with those who denied him the return for
15 years & those who still denying the return of his old ally Etyan Sakor
the Leader of Cedar guards

it is hard to believe how can the newly returned General explain such
alliance to his supporters who took to the street calling for his return and
faced punishment from the very same people now Aoun best allies....

the question remains Aoun who gave Syria the ultimate chance in 1989 to move
into the Christian heart land, is  playing the Baath routine game which
Syria played since 1967 against the Syrian opposition... the Baath regime in
Syria leads both the government and  the opposition to better secure its
iron grip...

the question remains weather Aoun struck a deal with the old regime before
returning to Lebanon... (he was the only opposition who sent a delegation
into Syria after 1559)

The question remain what would Aoun achieve for the Christian with a small
block of MPs assuming they all stay loyal to him after the election...

the question remains weather Aoun has planed such an out come or it is the
vanity that drives the General into such direction... ???

after all, the motive become irrelevant if Aoun serves Syria's interest
intentional or unintentional...

we would be the 1st to stand with Aoun to re build lebanon... but if Aoun
can't see that Micheal el Mur, Baath party, Karami, Lahoud... are the same
as Jumblat & every one who sold lebanon for the past 15 years... then we are
not on the same page...  and the question remains in who's intrest to help
such people back into the parliment ???

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