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          Monday: Cedars revolution resume Monday in Lebanon

1. As of 3 PM (Beirut time) Monday, a massive anti-Syrian occupation demonstration will be taking place in downtown Beirut. In response to last week's pro-occupation march, the growing democratic opposition has mobilized a large segment of Lebanon's civil society for a showdown with the Syrian occupation.

2. WLCU observers, already in place in Lebanon, said "entire villages, neighborhoods and corporations will be marching," They stated that "the withdrawal of the Syrians two days ago from the northern part, will allow tens of thousands more to rally the demo."

3. While last week pro-Syrian occupation march was fully financed by Iran, Syria and intelligence services (per sources), the Monday democracy demo is financed by local fundraisers, businesses and local municipalities. The estimate we have is that -if not obstructed by the occupation- it may well become the largest pro-Democracy demonstration in the Middle East.    

4. The demonstrators will be on cell phones with Lebanese communities around the world to allow them to participate virtually. Five WLCU posts within the demonstration will be reporting via cell phone. Note that 3,000 demonstrators will be symbolically representing the Lebanese Diaspora through the WLCU. You will be able to watch them on TV with their signs "Towards Freedom" ( Na7wa el 7orriya)

5. For the first time, a growing number of moderate Shiites will join the Druze, Sunnis and Christians in downtown Beirut. World TV crews will report live and give an estimate by 11 AM (EST)

6. Syrian withdrawal: It was learned that Syrian Special forces of the 41st and 46th regiments stationed between Dahr al Baidar and Barouk and brigades from the Syrian 10th division, have pulled out of Lebanon and are possibly redeploying on the Iraqi border. No information as to their new mission facing Iraqi and Coalition forces.

7. Syrian intelligence: It was reported that the Syrian Mukhabarat command in Beirut relocated in the southern suburb of the capital in the Hizbollah controlled area.

8. More than 500 soldiers of the Lebanese Republican Guards have been deployed around the residence of President Emile Lahoud. Reports about  popular demonstrations calling for his resignation are growing.

   9. The opposition coalition is determined to call for the resignation and departure of pro-Syrian intelligence commanders in Lebanon: Colonels Jamil Sayed, Raymond Azar, Edouard Mansour, Mustafa Hamdane, Ali Hajj. Also the opposition is calling for the resignation of Colonels Jameh Jameh and Maher Tufaily.

   10. In the north of Lebanon, defections are taking place among pro-Syrian politicians, who have joined the ranks of the opposition over the week end. 

  11. In Kana, south Lebanon, underground elements in the Shiite community destroyed a statue of Hafez Assad, erected years ago by Syrian Baath sympathizers. The area is under full control of pro-Iranian Hizbollah. Observers concluded that a Shiite "anti-Syrian" underground was omnipresent in south Lebanon. 

   12. Most analysts in Lebanon and overseas are attempting to project the timing of the confrontation between Syrian and Hizbollah forces and the democratic opposition. According to estimate, it will take place when the Syrians and their allies will redeploy into their hardcore areas and draw red lines. The international pressure will be crucial in determining if the Syrian regime decides to oppose UNSCR 1559 inside Lebanon or would ask their allies to strike instead of them. 

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