ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


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The complete truth …….for the sake of Lebanon

To our partners in the nation

By:  Roni Harb and the Association of Syriac culture

To every Lebanese, to every politician, to whomever wanting to know the truth. We give you now one truth that you either has forgot or you are neglecting it or you really don’t know it yet.

Since the independence through the ¨Taif agreement¨ until the murder of ex Prime Minister Rafic Hariri we have heard many speeches and people screaming slogans with one particular mistake that is eliminating the history and true identity of at least half of Lebanese people.

The wrong choice of words comes when you say ¨we the Arab Lebanese¨ as there are no other people in Lebanon but the Arabs.

We the Syriac Christians have lived in this land since the dawn of time and we have had great and unique civilization that in many ways still exists.

Our Canaanite Phoenician Syriac Arameans roots are non Arab roots. Indeed our historians, linguistics and writers have contributed a lot to the Arabic society and civilization since the seventh century. They have spread the Arabic language and developed it but that does not make them Arabs. We can still see that most of our villagers and towns from far north to far south having Syriac names. Our grandmothers and grandfather spoke the Syriac mother language until the last century and we can still see many traces of it in the spoken Lebanese language.

Our national responsibility today and especially in these historical times when you are calling for unity is that we make clear for everybody the truth of our true identity, the Middle Eastern Syriac Aramaic identity.

You are calling for unity; we believe that we need to accept pluralism first.

The Pope Johannes Paul’s the second, God be with his soul, said that Lebanon is not just a country; it is also a message of freedom and an example for pluralism in the West and East.

Why are you only calling for Arabism?

Why are you trying to melt everybody in one and same identity?

Why are you denying us the right for our identity when we are your partners in the nation?

How can we build a strong nation if we don’t accept each other as we are?

Dear brothers and sister, we know the truth and only the truth shall set us free.

We are proud of our Syriac Aramaic identity so please accept it because it is our condition for the true common living and partnership in the nation.

You want to know the truth; this is one of our main truths in our lives.

Hoping that we will find out all the other truth we together are requesting.

Your brothers and sisters in the nation

Children of the Syriac Maronite church and all the other Syriac Churches in Lebanon.

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