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   By MIDEASTHERALD Dec 15, 2005
 Well informed sources said Hizbollah has threatened assassinated Lebanese MP Gebran Tueni several times since February 2005. The souces said "dangerous information is surfacing today about direct threats sent by Hizbollah directly and via the Syrian nationalist Party to the Lebanese politician."
On March 13, 2005, Western journalists reported seeing several posters in arabic at a Hezbollah rally in southern Lebanon criticizing Tueni. one of the posters said: "We are going to sweep Gebran Tueni from Lebanon."
In November 2005, the sources reported that more than one message were sent to Tueni, threatening his life if he would participate in a meeting held in the US Congress about implementing UN Security Council resolution 1559. M Naim Qassim, deputy secretary general of Hezbollah said in public that "there will be a sanction against those who will be involved in such a meeting." It is to note that M Tueni had received an invitation from the US Congress and he has accepted to attend. It was only in the last minute that he refrained from attending.

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