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Hezbollah leader not only attacks the Int. tribunal but also the Investigation


Hassan Nassralla publicly claims that the form and structure of the
international tribunal are pre set to serve political accusations.
Did you know that Hassan Nassralla is not only attacking the international
tribunal but he is also interfering and discrediting the international
INVESTIGATION (IIIC) headed by Serge Brammertz. Nassralla's statement claims
that the International Investigation is pre fabricated to prosecute certain

In April 2004 the Security Council set up the International Investigation
after an earlier UN mission found that Lebanon's own inquiry into the Hariri
assassination was seriously flawed and that Syria was primarily responsible
for the political tensions that preceded the attack.
Did you know that Hassan Nassralla and his allies where in power when
Harriri was assassinated.

After joining the illegal protest, taking part in the illegal closure of
Lebanon major roads, trying to force the Lebanese government to step down,
now General Aoun, who claims to speak as a Christian leader, is asking to
expel the Lebanese parliament!
Did you know that during Easter message
1- Pope Benedict calls for the protection of Lebanon institutions
2- The Lebanese Church asking to evacuate streets and call on Lebanese
parliament to convene, as it is the right institution to solve national
Lately Aoun policy contradicts most Christian Lebanese. Sure Aoun remains a
Lebanese leader but Aoun could no longer speak as a Christian leader. Aoun
today represent the pro Syrian group known as 8 Adar.
Aoun's policy has always served Syria's interest and always been
catastrophic on his own people. In 1989 most of Muslim Lebanese were on
Syria's side and Syria enjoyed a worldwide support back then. Yet Aoun
policy forced the strong Christian area into war even though the war outcome
was pre determined.  After destroying the Christian area Aoun surrounded and
stopped the war. Aoun agreed to join a Lebanese vrs Lebanese dialogue with a
Syrian supervision to end the war. Aoun waged another war but this time
against Christian militia!! (The purpose of his elimination war still
unclear!) Aoun fails to terminate the Christian Militia. Aoun fled to
France, Syria controlled Lebanon. Christians suffer for 15 years.
Today most Muslim and Christian Lebanese are united against Syria and
Lebanon enjoy a worldwide support. Yet, Aoun policy is weakening the
Lebanese unity against Syria (March14) in addition, after deceiving
Christians voters, Aoun is now openly supporting the pro Syrian group in

In their latest statement Maronite bishops stressed that they opposed all
electoral law since 1992 up to now.
Did you know the Maronite bishops stressed their rejection from 1992 until
now as a clear message to Berri's proposal on Kada2 electoral system.
Maronite Church rejects the kada2 electoral system unless it is based on new
1- Maronite church calls for an electoral system to better represent
Lebanese. And according to Bkereke, this can be achieved by an electoral
system based on small ridings where voters get to know and better pick their
candidates; plus new districts division to protect the constitutional right
that gives Christian's to elect half the parliament.
2- In 2005, Maronite Church preferred the kada2 with adjustment TO the
so-called (2000 electoral system). In addition, Lebanese had only these 2
choices else they were to extend the term of the appointed pro Syrian
parliament at that time. Something Hizbollah and the pro Syrian groups were
hoping for.
3- There are 2 years until the next parliamentary election. Therefore, there
should be no excuse to design a new electoral system that protect
Christian's given constitutional right and better represent Lebanese people.

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