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Lebanon needs an Immediate Peace Treaty with Israel

By: Charles Jalkh

September 1/06

Prime Minister Seniora has given this week a free and unwarranted gift to the Iranian-Syrian-Hezbollah axis. He declared that Lebanon will be the last nation to sign a peace treaty with Israel. Mr. Seniora did not elaborate on the reasons behind such delay. What Lebanese National interests are served by rejecting an immediate final peace for our homeland with our Israeli neighbors?

The Lebanese people and the world community deserve clearer reasoning and better logic from PM Seniora.. In light of the on-going Syrian blockades we must seek an alternate trade route which naturally flows southward, through Israel, then Jordan and down to our gulf markets.  This is the moment for historical courage and frankness. We need to end the conflict permanently, establish cordial and friendly relationships with our democratic neighbor Israel, consequently ushering peace, prosperity, and better lives to our people. This peace is not a concession on Lebanon’s part; it is rather a blessing that we need to cordially seek from Israel. 

Another strange decision taken by the Lebanese government was to refuse the deployment of international troops along our borders with the Syrian dictatorship, an essential move if we were honest about enforcing the arms embargo clause of resolution 1701. This behavior casts doubt on the will of the government to seek a permanent solution to the conflict. After 30 years of Syrian wars of aggression and assault against our democracy, the Lebanese are fully aware of the dangers emanating from the Syrian supply routes. To tolerate porous borders seems irresponsible and requires supporting rationale and clarifications on how would this serve Lebanese national interests and security.

A third observation regards the lax attitude the government has shown towards the criminal behavior of Hezbollah’s leadership. It is time for moral clarity on the subject and we must frankly exercise our sovereign will on our homeland. We must name matters as they are and speak to the enemy; the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis, with firmness and without flattery 

The Lebanese government of PM Seniora and its supporters of the Cedars Revolution represent today the will of a vast majority of the Lebanese people. PM Seniora, the Future Movement, the Socialist Progressive party of MP Walid Jumblat, Kornet Shahwan, the Phalanges, and the Lebanese Forces, are all today representing the authentic Lebanese colors. We wish you well, and please be assured that you have the full support of your co-citizens in the Diaspora.

We thank the honorable stand the world has taken in Sweden this week, and we thank the nation of Sweden and Scandinavia as a whole, which has shown the world its superb civilization and warm human heart.

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