ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


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Hezbollah and Amal Hijacked Lebanon into regional war
Dear Fellow Lebanese and International,
  Today Hezbollah and Amal chose war over peace, denying dialogue to millions of
Lebanese, their families and relatives who are affected by the action of war.
  People of the south this the result of Hezbollah and Amal desire and love to kill
by bringing war into your towns, streets, and homes.
  Lets stands up now against them and reject this culture of corruption which
hijacked the nation for its own terrorist beliefs and Lebanon doesn’t need a
second war, because Syria wanted tension with Israel, Hezbollah and Amal provided
it, and when Iran wanted to use pressure in the middle east Hezbollah and Amal
also providing it.
  Syria wanted to destroy Lebanon over our heads and Hezbollah with Amal made it
very easy.
  Hezbollah and Amal are international terrorist organizations and it is very big
shame to our nation to allow them to be in the government.
  They used their first -ever rockets to stop the efforts of peace. More than 70% of
Lebanese from every walk of life whether in the faith community, the government,
the Lebanese army and majorities in Lebanon disagree, but that didn’t stop them.
  The bill for war against Israel wasn’t a chance it was a destructive for
Lebanese and Israeli’s, practical measures that would have made a big difference
for the political future on the east cost of the Mediterranean. But the
consequences are sweeping. The peace with Israel would have allowed people of the
south to remain in their homes with their families and relatives from around the
world, who are visiting them to enjoy the beauty of the cedar land.
  Now is the time to speak out. Send a message to your representatives letting them
know that you support cease-fires and the arrest of Hezbollah and Amal leadership
  If Hezbollah and Amal leaders truly believed they’re historic about hijacking
the Lebanese nation into regional war that will benefit Iran and Syria, they would
do something about the peace that create better life, more jobs in the first
  But they won’t. They will continue to send rockets across the borders.
  Hezbollah and Amal may not be willing to choose peace over their right–wing
base, but the vast majority of Lebanese support peace of the middle east.
  Even after their war, United Phoenician party will continue to keep the people of
the south and Beirut alerted and supported to vote against Hezbollah and Amal.
  Hezbollah and Amal refused to join the cedar revolution, it will have to be
decided on the ballot box in next election.
  The United Phoenician Party will continue to fight to keep this hope for the south
and Beirut that will survive.
  The government and the rest of the country are paying attention right now, and we
have to seize this moment to build the coalition of support for men, women, and
children of the south and Beirut.
  Please add your name to the list of supporters and we’ll send your message to
your representatives.
  How much longer will those suffering people and their families have to wait to
return to their homes?
  People can disagree in good faith on this issue, but Hezbollah and Amal
extraordinary action don’t meet those threshold-it smacks of political
  The opportunity to save lives of people with releasing the Israeli’s soldiers,
and reduce suffering for them and their families, requires that a leadership
respect the will of the people and Lebanese.
  Join the cause supporting to topple this terrorist organization:
  History will judge this war as sad political calculation.
  Just your voice, people of the south and Beirut will stop them.
  With your support we’ll get them-either now or in the new election.
  When we do, we will restore hope through lifesaving Lebanon.
  Thank you,
  The United Phoenician Party

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