ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


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The double-sided policy and lack of convenience are thickening the dark-clouds between Hezbollah Militia and The Cedar Revolution movement who holds a majority power in the parliament.

Hezbollah accused the Cedar Revolution representatives who attended the
commemoration to recognize Mr. John Bolton efforts and supports to a free
and democratic Lebanon as traitors working with the infidel Americans.
However, One month ago Minister Fawzi Saloukh a close Hezbollah ally
accompanied the Prime Minister to his visit to the Whitehouse said:" I
totally believe that America is supporting a free democratic Lebanon" Back
then we did not hear the Party of God (Hezbollah) accusing the Minster of
being a traitor.

Hezbollah Leader, Hassan Nosralla, rejects The Cedar Revolution's proposal
that calls for disarming Hezbollah and deploy international force to control
the Lebanese border. Nosralla accused the UN as an entity controlled by
Israel and works for the Israeli state.  Nosralla failed to explain and
1- How can he support the UN investigation in the assassination of Harriri
if the UN works for Israel?
2- Why do his allies Iran and Syria are members of the UN if the United
Nation works for Israel.
If the UN force is unable to protect Lebanon from Israel invasion, how would
Hezbollah with few 1000 missiles protect Lebanon? Moreover, what is stopping
Hezbollah from liberating the remaining of the Lebanese land?

The Majority of Lebanese are unsatisfied with Hezbollah excuses to keep its
arms as a state inside a state. Lebanese understand the great danger of any
weapon outside the government control. Just less then a month ago, Hezbollah
invaded neighborhoods that support The Cedar Revolution and another war
could have been ignited. The violent protest came after a comedy show
spoofed Nasrallah with an actor who wore the Hezbollah leader's trademark
black turban and sported a similar beard and spectacles. This same TV show
has spoofed many political and religious figures in Lebanon. The program was
not intended to undermine the Hezbollah leader but Hezbollah claim their
leader is a HOLY MAN...! In addition, the Satellite service providers in
south Beirut, where Hezbollah enjoys strong support boycotted LBC preventing
all Lebanese residents from watching the Certified Channel.

Hezbollah, the only Lebanese armed group refusing to lay down its weapons,
is considered a terrorist organization by the free world. Hezbollah's
violent protest made the street of the oldest democracy (Lebanon) looks like
Iranian Islamic Revolution streets with the inspiration of Ayatollah
Khomeini. And reminded Lebanese of the early days of the War, where armed
group outside the government control built states inside state that led to
30 years of war & destruction.

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