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Human rights in Syria: Latest cases of bad treatment

Fear of torture/incommunicado detention/Prisoners of conscience and new concern:  Unfair trial

        Anwar al-Bunni (m), lawyer and human rights defender
        Nidal Darwish (m), human rights defender
        Michel Kilo (m), writer
        Khalil Hussein (m), former prisoner of conscience
        Mahmoud Mer'i (m), human rights defender
        Dr Safwan Tayfour (m), medical doctor
        Mahmoud 'Issa (m), former prisoner of conscience

        Ghaleb 'Amer (m), human rights defender
        Suleyman Shummar (m)
        Muhammad Mahfouz (m)

The 10 civil society activists named above are reportedly facing charges which could see them jailed for up to 15 years. The charges appear to be entirely without foundation, and their trial is likely to be grossly unfair. All were reportedly beaten during interrogation. Their lawyers went to 'Adra prison to meet with them on 28 May, but were not allowed to see them.

The men have reportedly been charged with “weakening nationalist feelings and inciting racial or sectarian strife”, under article 285 of the Penal Code.

Anwar al-Bunni has been on hunger strike in protest since he was arrested on 17 May, and is now very weak. He has been drinking liquids since 21 May.

All 10 have met briefly with lawyers at least once. The men are protesting that they are being held in the section of 'Adra prison reserved for common criminals, rather than with the political prisoners.

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