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Council for Cedar revolution to meet in US congress

May 17, 2006

By Fady Barq,

Special to Lebanonwire

WASHINGTON - The World Council for the Cedars Revolution (WCCR), an INGO representing activists from the Lebanese Diaspora and Lebanon's civil society will be holding its first Congress in Washington on Capitol Hill this Thursday May 18.

The WCCR, headed by Joe Baini from Sydney, Australia will examine "the state of the Cedars Revolution, one year after."

Officials from the International Lebanese Committee for the Implemetation of the Cedars Revolution will also co-sponsor the Congressional event. The latter is co-sponsored by US Congressmen Daryl Issa from California and Tom Finney from Florida. About 45 offices in Congress will participate in the various meetings.

The spokespersons for the conference said "the main subjects to be addressed are the following:

1) The Syrian-Lebanese borders:

According to our NGOs inside Lebanon, European and Lebanese MPs and other observers, Syrian occupation forces are still present inside the Lebanese territories despite the so-called full withdrawal announced by M Bashar Assad of Syria. We have conducted an independent investigation in April and May 2006 and have the evidence that Syrian military presence still occupies parts of Lebanon. We would like to submit this evidence have the audience listen to witnesses.

2) The Hizbollah organization:

Our NGOs have noted the rejection by the Lebanese civil society of the armed Hizbollah organization, which despite UNSCR 1559, still maintains a terror network and an army inside Lebanon, which threatens not only Lebanese freedom and security but also regional and international security.

3) The Lebanese army

Our NGOs would like to brief you about the aspirations of the Lebanese civil society and the Lebanese Diaspora to see the United States and the international community supporting the Lebanese army to recover all Lebanese territories and disarm all militias including the terrorist organizations.

4) Lebanese Democracy

Our NGOs wish to share the aspirations of the Lebanese around the world to see Lebanese democracy grow and develop. We also wish to share the concerns by the lebanese civil society and diaspora regarding the campaign of Terror aimed at lebanon's politicians, jounalists and intellectuals.

The World Council for the Cedars Revolution is an INGO in support of Lebanon's Cedars Revolution and the ILS Committee 1559 is an INGO representing Lebanese communities around the world and inside Lebanon working on insuring the implementation of UNSCR 1559

The spokespersons also announced that a joint delegation of the World Council of the Cedars Revolution and the Committee 1559 will be recieved at the US State Department, and the Department of Defense on Friday and will hold meetings at a number of Washington Think Tanks. The joint delegation include more than 20 members from a variety of countries and from Lebanon.

The Conference sessions will move to New York on Sunday. A joint delegation will be received at the UN Security Council. A memorandum is expected to be delivered to the UN about the situation in Lebanon

Among the leaders of the joint delegation: Joe Baini, President, Tom Harb Secretary General of the Committee 1559, Michel Douaihi from Australia, John Hajjar and Anis Karam from the US, Dr. Rachid Rahme from the UK, Mr Joseph Saouk from Sweden, Mr. Sami El-Khoury from Ecuador, M George Chaya from Argentina, attorney Claudia Chater from Brazil, Toni Nissi, Joseph Sokhn, Kamal El-Batal from Lebanon, Charbel Barakat from Canada, Attorney Joanne Fakhre from the Caribbean, and Mrs Nina Rahme representing Women organizarions.

Lebanonwire will post special reports on the Washington and New York meetings


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