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From South Lebanese people to Mr. Jubran Bassil

Mr Basil, is depriving 2 SLA members their medication and letting them die
in prison fair?

We expected Mr Bassil to say the truth about SLA and defend our people in
south Lebanon from Hezbollah, PSP, Future Movement, Syrians and all those
who destroyed Lebanon for 15 years.

We choose not to comment but after Mr. Bassil described some of the
torturing of our people in south Lebanon as fair!!! Our Silence would be a
crime, similar to the crime Mr Bassil is committing against the history of
our people in South Lebanon. Therefore, We ask Mr Bassil to leave the South
Lebanese alone if he doesn't dare to say the truth. And we urge him to stay
in North Lebanon with his allies Awmi El Souri, Hezbollah, Baath El Souri.

Hezbollah, Awmi El Souri, Baath, especially Wiaam Wahab are now
Sha3eb-lubnan-el-3azim for Mr Bassil!!! And Mr Bassil think that the south
Lebanese people who defended their land against (Al-Saaiqa, Palestinians and
Hezbollah terrorist organizations) are traitors and should be tried. That is
Mr Bassil new Tayyar !!!

What will you teach your kids Mr Bassil. you want to teach them that the SLA
are traitors & Hezbollah is a hero. or Awmi-el-souri and Baath are true
Lebanese and Bachir Gemeyl is a traitor for dealing with Israel to help
defend Lebanon from the Syrians and the Palestinians.

Why Mr. Bassil is not asking for the 3 guys who were shot in Ain-ebel and
the guy who was beaten and thrown on street-side in the town of Qlayaa few
months ago. It is better for Mr Bassil to make use of his time by asking the
Lebanese army to move into south Lebanon or try to defend the Lebanese in
south Lebanon instead of asking us to be tried

To refresh Mr Bassil memory because it seems he has forgotten the past:

1- The SLA supported Aoun Liberation War when Hezbollah was fighting Aoun in
1989 along with Syria PSP Palestinians .

2- SLA Army executed a Lebanese official order to defend their Town when Mr
Bassil allies were destroying Lebanon.

3- SLA defended their towns but they never promised to defend Israel like
what Hezbollah & Syria signed for in April Understanding

We will return to South Lebanon when Hezbollah and other terrorist
organizations allied with Mr. Bassil are dismantled...

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