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 The big lie behind Hezbollah claim to Liberate South lebanon:

Syria, its puppet Lebanese government and Hezbollah have agreed in April 26
1996 to a cease-fire with Israel. The Cease Fire Text, known as April
Understanding states the followings:
1. Armed groups in Lebanon will not carry out attacks by Katyusha rockets or
by any kind of weapon into Israel.
2. Israel and those cooperating with it will not fire any kind of weapon at
civilians or civilian targets in Lebanon.
3. Beyond this, the two parties commit to ensuring that under no
circumstances will civilians be the target of attack and that civilian
populated areas and industrial and electrical installations will not be used
as launching grounds for attacks.
4. Without violating this understanding, nothing herein shall preclude any
party from exercising the right of self-defense.
The time set for implementation is 0400 hours, April 27, 1996.

1998 1 April - Israel's inner cabinet votes to accept UN Security Council
Resolution 425 of 1978 if Lebanon guarantees the security of Israel's
northern border.

1999 3 June - Israel completes its withdrawal from the City of Jazzin. After
3 month from the withdrawal, and when the citizens of Jezzin were calling on
the Lebanese army to enter their city, Hezbollah bombed a civilian car
killing 3 children and their parents then claimed the liberation of Jezzin.

2000 5 March - Israeli cabinet votes for the unilateral withdrawal of
Israeli troops from southern Lebanon.

2000 17 April - The Secretary-General received formal notification from the
Government of Israel that it would withdraw its forces from Lebanon by July
2000 "in full accordance with Security Council resolutions 425 (1978) and
426 (1978)"

2000 18 April - Israel releases 13 Lebanese prisoners (The result of a
secret deal with Israel where Syrian and Hezbollah agreed to replace the

2000 20 April - The Security Council endorsed the decision of the
Secretary-general to initiate preparation to enable the UN to carry out its
responsibity under resolution 425 and 426 to maintain peace and security
after the Israeli withdrawal from south Lebanon.
And that cooperation by all parties concerned is required to avoid
deterioration of the situation.

2000 26 April - The Secretary-General sent his Special Envoy, Terje
Roed-Larsen, together with the Force Commander of UNIFIL and a team of
experts, to meet with the Governments of Israel and Lebanon and concerned
Member States in the region, including Egypt, Jordan and the Syrian Arab
Republic. The delegation also met with the PLO and the League of Arab
States. During the mission, United Nations cartographic, legal and military
experts examined the technical issues that would need to be addressed in the
context of the implementation of resolution 425 (1978).

2000 16 May - Much sooner than anticipated Israel started withdrawing its
troops from southern Lebanon, in a designed plan to collapse the SLA army
and replace it by Hezbollah.

2000 23 May - The requirements and tasks related to the implementation of
those resolutions in the new circumstances were outlined in the
Secretary-General's report of 22 May and endorsed by the Security Council on
23 May.

2000 24 May - Israel complete its withdrawal. Hezbollah walk without firing
a single bullet into The Security Zone claiming the liberation of south

The big lie behind Hezbollah claims to protect the people in south Lebanon:
It was the UN intervention to full-fill its responsibility under resolution
425 that prevent Hezbollah from torturing the south Lebanese people.
Therefore, Hezbollah Syria and the collaborated government found their way
through controlling the Lebanese justice system to sentenced 1000's of the
south Lebanese in absentia & tortured 1000's in prisons.

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