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 Iranian Syrian Establishment of the Most Powerful Terrorist Organization
Hezbollah (The Party of God) In Lebanon

The Iranian Ownership of Hezbollah
Iran laid the foundations of the Hezbollah organization as part of its
doctrine of "exporting the Islamic Revolution" and its strategy of using
terrorism as a key element in its national security policy. Such a policy
became a necessity after The Persian state lost the war against Iraq in 1980
(Iranian-Iraqi war). The establishment of the terrorist organization
Hezbollah became one of Iran's major efforts to gain back its power in a
rejoin where terrorism is the only means of communication the totalitarian
countries in that region comprehend.
However, Hezbollah's Ideology is the extension of the Iranian revolution
inspired by the teaching of Ayatollah Khomeini. This ideology feeds on the
poor Shiite's Muslim society where it is easy to motivate people with money
and drive them with propagandas. The Shiites are located mainly in Iran,
Iraq and Lebanon. Shiites makes about 15% of Islam the rest are Sunnis
Muslim. Since Iraq was a hostile land for the Persian State, Iran had only
the Shiites 3rd largest community located in Lebanon to market its Ideology.
Lebanon, already torn apart and destroyed by the Syrian-Palestinian
terrorist groups such as (El-Saiiqa), was a fertile land for Terrorist
organizations. It was not difficult for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to
move into Lebanon's Bekaa region where they established Hezbollah in 1982. 
(1,500 Iranian Revolutionary Guards were deployed in Bekaa and in the Syrian
town of Zebedani near the Syrian-Lebanese border in 1982 operating under
various names Islamic Jihad", "Revolutionary Justice Organization",
"Oppressed on the Earth", and last Hezbollah (The Party of God). The oil
reach Iranian ideology invested Millions of dollars to recruit the poor
Shiites community into Hezbollah.

Syria's investment in Hezbollah
The Syrian Baath totalitarian regime has been dictating Syrians since 1967.
This regime have been using propagandas that promotes Westerns world as evil
and infidel society to the Muslim Arabic world, at the same time this same
Syrian Baath regime has been promoting Muslims as terrorists to the
Free-World maintain their support to its rulers. The Baath regime strategy
to spread the virus of terrorism to the Free-world at the same time market
itself as a cure, crushing any moderate voice and transferring Syria to a
manufacturing land of Islamic fundamentalism then exporting terrorism to
neighboring countries and the world.

The Syrian Baath totalitarian regime could not bare the existence of the
Lebanese democracy to grow along its border. Lebanon FREE multi language
press, reaching the entire Arabic world, shed-the-light of the Syrian Baath
propagandas and terrorism. Therefore, Syria cast its hegemony over Lebanon
through its terrorist organization (EL SAIQA). The Syrian terrors silenced
Lebanon Free Press and destroyed its democracy.

In 1982, Israel moved into Lebanon to dismantle the Syrian terrorist groups
forcing Syria to withdraw from Lebanon. Syria lost its missiles defense in
Lebanon Bekaa-valley and most of its air force over the Lebanese sky.  This
heavily military loss would not measure compare to Syria's loss in pulling
out of Lebanon. Lebanon was a safe-haven for the Syrian terrorist groups,
which Syria used to promote its political and strategic interests. In
another word, Lebanon was the only identity, which the Baath regime wears to
export terrorism to the world. Defeated Syria could not financially afford
to rebuild or establish new terrorist organizations in Lebanon. However,
Iranian well-funded Hezbollah in Lebanon Bekaa valley become a golden
opportunity and the only available door for the Syrian Baath regime to
dominate Lebanon again.

Lebanese and Hezbollah
All Lebanese reject Hezbollah Goal. Lebanese Christians, Sunni Muslim,
Druze, would not allow their country to be transformed to Iran's like state
(a Shiite's Muslim fundamentalist state). Even the Shiite themselves does
not believe in the Hezbollah Iranian ideology nor buy to the Syrian's Baath
Regime propagandas.
However, the Iranian funding in addition to the political sphere provided to
Hezbollah during the Syrian presence in Lebanon for past 15 years have
enabled the organization to gain momentum among the Lebanese poor Shiites
community plus territorial base that guarantees freedom of terrorist

The Hezbollah Ideology, and through charitable and social organizations,
provide the right atmosphere for the birth of fanatic mentality among some
of the Shiites Lebanese Community. Some Shiites are led to believe that
democracy and Western World is evil and committing suicidal attacks against
the free world, is justified by God (Jihad). But most of the Lebanese
Shiites Community supports Hezbollah only because of domestic political and
financial gain. The rest of the Lebanese used to sympathy with Hezbollah
during the Israeli occupation to south Lebanon. Since Israel withdraw from
Lebanon in 2002 according to the United Nation resolution 425, and Hezbollah
is refusing to disarm. However, after the Lebanese Cedar revolution in 2005,
which forced the Syrian occupiers out of Lebanon, Hezbollah lost its
influence over the Lebanese people. Today the majority of Lebanese reject
completely Hezbollah militia presence in Lebanon calling it a state inside a

Hezbollah Capability
Hezbollah has become a source of inspiration for Islamic terrorist groups
throughout the world. Serving an example of sophisticated and daring
Terrorist organization that relies on the policy of suicide bombing. Along
the policy of suicide bombing and terror which Hezbollah preach to his
sympathizers around the glob, the organization set up social and charitable
international organizations, agents and terrorist cells all over the world
in South America, Canada, the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia,
Western Europe, and the rest of the Middle East. These networks provide
technology, money & support for Hezbollah and cooperate with other
international terrorist organizations.

Western intelligence sources estimate Hezbollah's operational budget to be
one of the biggest among terrorist groups.  First establish, Hezbollah was
dependent on Iranian funding, later along with the Iranian funding Hezbollah
used the Bekaa Valley as a center for the large-scale growth of plants to
produce hashish and opium. Hezbollah was forced to stop its open drug
operation in late 1990's and Later turned charitable organizations,
individual donations, legitimate business, and illegitimate businesses such
as illegal arms trading, South Africa diamonds smuggling, cigarette
smuggling in America, currency counterfeiting, credit card fraud, theft,
operating illegal telephone exchanges, drug trafficking plus the $100
million annually from Iran.

Hezbollah has developed various methods of operational level, military
tactics, variety of lines and ways of attack.  Hezbollah capability
gradually and rapidly advancing to reach beyond the traditional terrorist
group, It has started with Kidnapping westerns, bombing, suicide bombings,
Missile capacity, unarmed plane, and lately Hezbollah claim publicly the
capability of much more powerful weapon!!!

Hezbollah's Today
All above distinctive features and capabilities make Hezbollah the most
dangerous terrorist organization worldwide serving both Iranian and Syrian
interests in the region. Hezbollah is forcing Lebanese people to continue
paying the price of the others' war over their land. Hezbollah fighters are
holding the Lebanese people up against the wall, threatening them with war
if they reject Syria and Iran hegemonies.

Hezbollah should understand that the Lebanese people, who paid 1000's of man
to defend their freedom and their oldest and the only democracy in the
region, would not accept to live like Syrians or Iranian people. Lebanese
are willing to help Hezbollah disarm and transform to an unarmed politically
party similar to all other Lebanese political parties BUT Lebanese will not
allow any militia to ruin or hijack their Cedar Revolution which set to
build a strong democratic country.

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