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LIC statement on the Arab-American position on Homeland Security

Once again, some Arab-American and American-Islamic organizations allege that Americans of Arab origin are outraged by the security measures taken by the U.S. government in order to protect our homeland. Moreover, these organizations claim that Arab-Americans are being targeted and discriminated against by U.S. law enforcement agencies. While these organizations have failed so far to substantiate their accusations with any credible information, and while we are confident, based on reports from our own Lebanese-American community, the largest among the Arabic-speaking ones, as well as from contacts with other Middle-Eastern groups in the U.S., that there is no widespread discrimination, not even serious individual cases of abuse against persons of Arab or Middle-Eastern descent in the U.S., it is notable how these same organizations remain silent about the terrible inhumane crimes committed in their native lands against hundreds, even thousands of Arabs and Moslems, in addition to non-Arabs and other religious minorities, by tyrannical regimes, terrorist groups and radical fanatics in Sudan, Algeria, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, just to name a few.As Lebanese-Americans we would like first to emphasize that these organizations do not represent our views or for that matter, the opinions of the majority of the Arab-American communities. While we are, and have always been, extremely sensitive to issues pertaining to the fundamental rights and human dignity of any citizen, we believe that protecting the United States is a prevailing priority and we do approve of all the measures taken by our Government in order to insure the safety of our Nation, particularly when we have carefully observed that these measures have not, in any way, infringed on basic freedoms and civil liberties. Thus, we support all preemptive actions against any individual or group who is a potential security threat. Our country has the right and the duty to investigate and watch anyone who overtly or covertly adheres to any ideology, religious or secular, which openly promotes animosity against our nation or the free world and which preaches violence and intolerance towards other ideologies and beliefs. All United States citizens should be aware of the distortions of those who claim to be protecting our rights while providing, willingly or unwillingly, the terrorists with the needed cover to utilize our free and open society as a weapon against us. The Administration and Congress can count on our full support and willingness to act whenever needed to protect our great country.
Joseph Gebeily, MD
The Lebanese Information Center

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