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Iranian Syrian Establishment of the Most Powerful Terrorist Organization Hezbollah (The Party of God) In Lebanon

By: tony Safa

The Iranian Ownership of Hezbollah Iran laid the foundations of the Hezbollah organization as part of its doctrine of "exporting the Islamic Revolution" and its strategy of using  terrorism as a key element in its national security policy. Such a policy became a necessity after Iran lost against Iraq in 1980 (Iranian Iraqi war), which discredited Iran's power on the international stage. The establishment of the terrorist organization Hezbollah became crucial for Iran to gain back some power in the region.

However, Hezbollah's Ideology is the extension of the Iranian revolution, inspired by the teaching of Ayatollah Khomeini, which could only feed on the poor and oppressed Shiite's Muslim society. Only in a poor Shiite society, could you motivate people with money, teach them fanatics, and drive them with propaganda.The Shiite minorities make up only 15% of Islam. The rest are mainly Sunni Muslims who do not approve of Ayatollah Khomeini's teaching. Shiites are located mainly in Iran and Iraq. Since Iran's  war with Iraq, Iran had only the Shiites community located in Lebanon to market its Ideology.Lebanon, torn apart and destroyed by the Syrian-Palestinian terrorist groups such as (El-Saiiqa), became a fertile land for so many Terrorist organizations. It was not difficult for Iranian Revolutionary Guards to move into Lebanon's Bekaa region where they established Hezbollah in 1982.  1,500 Iranian Revolutionary Guards were deployed in Bekaa and in the Syrian town of Zebedani near the Syrian-Lebanese border in 1982 operating under various names such as "Islamic Jihad", "Revolutionary Justice Organization", "Oppressed on the Earth", and  Hezbollah (The Party of God). The oil rich Iranian ideology invested millions of dollars to recruit, train and equip Hezbollah.

Syria's interest in Lebanon and its investment in Hezbollah

The Syrian Baath regime is controlled by Allawits. Allawits is a Muslim sect and a minority in Syria and has a fundamental problem with the Muslim Sunni majority. The Syrian Allawits Baath regime terrorizes and dictates to Syrians, and had established a totalitarian regime to divert Muslim Sunni majority from Syria's internal problem.  This was created by using two main propagandas. The first was presenting Israeli's and Americans as evil. The second presents democracy and human rights as tools used by the free world to invade the so-called Arab Muslim world. This propaganda crushed any moderate voice and transferred Syria to a manufacturing land of Islamic fundamentalism that is exported to the Arabic world.

The Syrian Baath totalitarian regime could not bare the existence of Lebanese democracy to grow along its border. Lebanese free multi language press, specifically the Arabic press, reached all the Arabic readers in the region and it is a powerful weapon against totalitarian propaganda, which is the seed of terrorist ideology. Therefore, Syria claimed Lebanon as a Syrian state and gave way to its terrorist organizations (EL SAIQA that consists of mainly Palestinians, Afghanis, Libyans, Somalis.) to move into Lebanon and ignite a civil war using the same propaganda to delude many of the Muslim Lebanese community to side with the Baath regime.

Syria's strategy in Lebanon is to keep igniting the Lebanese civil war by switching sides and allies. Syria's aim is to maintain the Lebanese civil war in an attempt to prove to the world that the Lebanese could not rest unless the Syrian Baath regime interfered as a legitimate power to dictate Lebanon.

However, in 1982, Israel moved into Lebanon to dismantle the Syrian terrorist groups forcing Syria to withdraw from Lebanon. Syria lost its missile defense in the Lebanon Bekaa valley and all of its air force over the Lebanese sky.  Syria's heavy military losses would not measure up to Syria's great loss of being forced to pull out of Lebanon. Lebanon was a safe haven for the Syrian terrorist groups, which Syria used to promote its political and strategic interests. In another word, Lebanon was the only identity, which the Baath regime wears to export terror.

Defeated Syria could not financially afford to rebuild or establish new terrorist organizations in Lebanon. The Iranian well-funded Hezbollah in Lebanon Bekaa valley become a golden opportunity and the only available door for the Syrian Baath regime to dominate Lebanon again and use Hezbollah's terror to regain power in the region.

Lebanese and Hezbollah

All Lebanese reject the Hezbollah Goal. Lebanese Christians, Sunni Muslims, and Druze would not except to turn Lebanon to a Muslim fundamentalist state like Iran. Even the Shiite Lebanese community itself does not believe in Hezbollah Iranian ideology and its Syrian's Baath Regime propaganda. However, the Iranian funding, in addition to Syria's support in which Syria forced its puppet Lebanese government to provide Hezbollah a political sphere to legitimize its activity in Lebanon, and enable the organization to gain momentum among the Lebanese poor Shiites community. They also provided Hezbollah with a territorial base that guarantees freedom of activity.

Through its social organizations and its Ideology, supported by the Syrian conspiracy theories, Hezbollah is able to provide the right atmosphere for the birth of fanatic mentality among some of the Shiite Lebanese Community. Some Shiites are led to truly and strongly believe that democracy and the Western World are evil, and they are brain washed to commit suicidal attacks against this evil. The rest of the Lebanese Shiite community sympathizes with Hezbollah only in its resistance against Israel in south Lebanon and The Lebanese Shiite Community support the Hezbollah to achieve Lebanese political gain and generate power domestically. But the Shiite community doesn't believe in the Iranian Ideology and Hezbollah's goals neither in the Syrian propagandas.

Lebanese would support any resistance against foreign armies in Lebanon. Lebanese want a Lebanon free from Israel, Syria, Palestinian terrorist groups and the Iranian-Syrian Hezbollah. Despite, Hezbollah being a secular fanatic religious group, in the diversy religious state of Lebanon it aims to turn Lebanon into a fundamentalist state like Iran.Syria, through it's army in Lebanon and it's puppet government, forced Hezbollah as a national resistance inside Lebanon political arena regardless of Hezbollah association with terrorism, ideology of suicide bombing and Hot although.With the Syrian use of propaganda, pinning Lebanese opposed to Hezbollah as a traitor and accusing them for working with the Zionist and Americans, they have jailed, tortured, exiled and assassinated the Lebanese opposition.

However, since Israel withdraw from Lebanon in 2002, according to the United Nation resolution 425, Hezbollah lost its mask, which the Party of God has disguised to divert Lebanese from its main goals and delude some Lebanese by promoting itself as a Lebanese resistance force. Today the majority of Lebanese reject completely the Hezbollah presence as a state inside a state and calling for Hezbollah disarmament. Hezbollah is now openly serving Iran's and Syria's interests in the region at the cost of Lebanon and the Lebanese people.

Hezbollah Capability

Through the Iranian Muslim Fundamentalist teaching, supported by the Syrian propagandas that aim to justify the Muslim Fundamentalist terror, along with Syria's effort to provide Hezbollah with political protection in the inter-Arab and some of the international arenas, Hezbollah has become a source of inspiration for Islamic terrorist groups throughout the world. Serving as an example of a brave, sophisticated and daring Terrorist organization, it relies on the policy of suicide bombing. Most important it has succeeded in proving that such policy works. Hezbollah Suicidal attacks forced Israel out of Lebanon when all Arab countries combined could achieve a military gain against Israel.This God guided organization and its proxy war against Israel, United States, the European Union, pro-Western Arab states and against the evil democracy, are well produced and promoted on Hezbollah's international TV station Al-Manar, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, reaching Muslims all over the world. Al-Manar uses American and European communication infrastructures to broadcast Hezbollah's messages of hate and violence against Isreal, the United States, the European Union and pro-Western Arab states and against the evil democracy.Along side the policy of suicide bombing and terror which Hezbollah preaches to it's sympathizers around the globe, the organization set up social and charitable international organizations, agents and terrorist cells all over the world in South America, Canada, the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, and the rest of the Middle East. These networks provide technology, money & support for Hezbollah and cooperate with other international terrorist organizations.

Western intelligence sources estimate Hezbollah's operational budget to be one of the biggest among terrorist groups.  When Hezbollah was first established, it was dependent on Iranian funding, and later, along with the Iranian funding, Hezbollah used the Bekaa Valley as a center for the large-scale growth of plants to produce hashish and opium. Hezbollah was forced to stop its open drug operation in late 1990 and Later turned to charitable organizations, individual donations, legitimate business, and illegitimate businesses such as illegal arms trading, South African diamond smuggling, cigarette smuggling in America, currency counterfeiting, credit card fraud, theft, operating illegal telephone exchanges, drug trafficking plus the $100 million annually from Iran.

The joined Iranian Syrian investment in Hezbollah, both of which are experts in terrorism, plus Syria & Iran's logistics, backing and assistance, have made Hezbollah the most sophisticated terrorist group. Hezbollah has developed various methods of operational levels, military tactics, varieties of lines and ways of attack.  Hezbollah's capability rapidly advanced to reach beyond the traditional weapon. It started with kidnapping westerners, bombings, suicide bombings, missile capacity and unarmed planes. Lately Hezbollah claimed the capability of much more powerful and untraditional weapon!!!

Some of Hezbollah activities that show the fast advancing capability and the organization international reach.

1) Elements of the group were responsible for the kidnapping and detention of US and other Western hostages in Lebanon French Cultural Center in Lebanon (1982).

2) Car bombing of French military barracks in Beirut killing 58 French paratroopers (1983)

3) US terrorist attacks, US Embassy in Beirut April 1983

4) US Marine barracks in Beirut in October 1983

5) US Embassy annex in Beirut in September 1984.

6) Hijacking of TWA Flight 847 killing one U.S. Navy diver (1985) Three members of Hizballah, 'Imad Mughniyah, Hasan Izz-al-Din, and Ali Atwa, are on

7) Bombing of Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires killing 29 (1992)

8) Bombing of Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires killing 96 (1994)

9) 2000 - the arrest of Ali Khalil Mehri, a Lebanese businessman who allegedly funneled millions of dollars to Hezbollah from South America. Mehri was released on bail and fled to Syria.

10) 2001- Paraguayan authorities have identified Assad Ahmad Barakat as Hezbollah's leading operative and chief financier in the region

11) 2002 - Hezbollah direct support & funding of Hamas (involvement in the failed January effort to smuggle 50 tons of weapons to Palestinian)

12) 2002- Isreal apprehended Hezbollah operative Jihad (Gerard) Shuman from Britain to Israel on his British passport (Israeli authorities, revealed a yarmulka, a timer, tourist maps of the Jerusalem area, a large sum of money, a video camera, disposable cameras and several cellular phones.)

13) awzi Ayoub, a Canadian citizen of Lebanese descent met hezbollah operative in Europe who supplied him with a fake American passport for his entry into Israel where he was arrested.

14) Since 2003, six Hezbollah cells have been uncovered among Israeli Arabs.

15) In 2002, Germany closed down two charitable organizations raising money for Hezbollah: the al-Shahid Social Relief Institution.

15) 2004 Hezbollah involvement in the upraise of Sadar Militia in Iraq

16) 2004 flew an unarmed plan over IsraelHezbollah Today

Today, Hezbollah plays a bigger roll in the region. Iranian missile technology may not have the capability to reach Israel, its regional competitor, therefore Iran evened up with Israel by moving geographically to it's border through Hezbollah in Lebanon.  Syria's weak military is not compatible in the region. However, through Hezbollah's terror, Syria is able to pose a threat to serve its strategic interest in the region. In return, Syria provides political protection for Hezbollah and a territorial base in Lebanon. Syria guarantees its share being the liaison between the Iranian weapon and Hezbollah trigger. What TRIGGER???It is the Trigger Hezbollah is speaking of lately. Hezbollah claims the capability to destruct all Northern Israel in seconds with the turn of a


Another major roll for Hezbollah is to reach the Shiite majority in Iraq, seeking an uprising against the United States. Iran and Syria, both of which have had problems with Iraqis, are not able to effectively pursue the Shiites in Iraq against the United States. Hezbollah is the only organization qualified for this task. Hezbollah is trying hard to lead Shiite Iraq against the United States:

 1) During the  month of Feb-2005 the Iraqi Interior Minister Falah al-Naquib said 18 members of Iran-Syrian backed Hezbollah members have been detained in Iraq on charges of terrorism.

2) Hezbollah supporters, dressed up with bombs wrapped around their body, took to the street in support of the El Sader uprising against United States.

3) A sample showing the type of daily broadcast by the Hezbollah TV station Al-Manar called for the resistance against the US Marines in Iraq: ("With our steadfastness we threaten [America]. Throughout all time we chant: America is the mother of terrorism. Let the mother of terrorism fall. America is the army of evil: an invading, aggressive, occupying army. There
is nothing left but the rifles. There is nothing left but the martyrs." The video ends with footage of a suicide bomber detonating his explosive belt.)

All the above distinctive features and capabilities make Hezbollah the most dangerous terrorist organization worldwide, serving both Iranian and Syrian interests.  The Lebanese people still pay the price of the other's wars over their land. Since the time Israel and the Arab countries went to war more then 50 years ago, Lebanon has been calling for a peaceful settlement to solve the regional conflicts. Now, while Arabs and Israelis are talking peace, Lebanon is held hostage by Syria and Iran who both wear a Lebanese mask named Hezbollah to disguise and damage any hope for peace.Hezbollah Lebanese fighters are holding the Lebanese people against the wall, threatening them with a civil war if they reject Syria and Iran. The problem is that, Hezbollah fighters do see that Lebanon is paying the price but they do not care about Lebanon. These fighters are no longer Lebanese. They are brain washed and driven into a war bigger then Lebanon, it is their

war of God and The devil.

However, Hezbollah should understand that the Lebanese people, who sacrificed 1000's of men to defend Human Rights and to defend the oldest and only true democracy in the region, are much different then the people of Syria and Iran. If Hezbollah doesn't learn from history, the future will be a good lesson that No one could stay in Lebanon, but LEBANESE AND All Lebanese would not believe BUT in HUMAN RIGHTS and DEMOCRACY.

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