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To the people of Lebanon -

Lebanese in Diaspora wish they were in Lebanon as the withdrawal of Syrian troops reaches its last stage, and as the exiled and banished Lebanese start to return to a liberated Lebanon.
Tens of thousands of Lebanese in the United States and Canada feel some bitterness along with their joy for Lebanon's Freedom.
We, who were forced to abandon occupied Lebanon for political, economical or security reasons, witnessed  from abroad the growth of the peaceful revolution into the Cedar Revolution of 2005, and lived to see the Syrian army pulling out from Lebanon.
No matter how much we worked for pushing the governments of the free world to adopt our cause and support our freedom, we always counted mostly on those who were still there resisting in occupied Lebanon to back our cause before the international community.
As much as we were thrilled with the independence upraising spreading along the 10,452 square kilometers of Lebanon, we were heart-hurt for not being able to be there to witness and participate in the liberation stage of our revolution.
When the people of Lebanon were resisting, we were knocking the doors of the legislators
of the free world,
When the people of Lebanon were being oppressed, we were running from place to place telling the story of Lebanon’s suffering,
When the people of Lebanon were roaming the streets of Lebanon, we were gathering in all cities around the world to echo the voice of the freedom fighters.

Tomorrow, as the Lebanese receive the exiled government and patriots in Lebanon, we will be watching from around the globe – wishing we were there.
Despite the physical and technical* reasons that prevent most of us from going to Lebanon now, we put our faith in you once again.
This is one more thing you can do for us - the people who have not been able to go back to Lebanon for years - be there for us.
Be there as if we are coming back, as if your own sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews and friends were returning.

If we could not be there tomorrow to live these moments to celebrate liberation and the return of the exiled, make us feel as if we were there and you were receiving us,
for with the return of the exiled in May 5, 6 and 7, doors will open for our return to Lebanon as well.
We were not able to go to “Freedom Square” in Beirut to live the climax of the peaceful movement, nor celebrate independence,
So on May 7th, 2005 be there for us,
Receive us,
Celebrate liberation for us,
And fill the square for us.
 Wishing we were there,
Lebanese in Diaspora

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