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 Appeal to the United Nations of Human Rights Commission


To the Attention of the Secretary General
Of the United Nations,
Mr. Kofi Annan
Under the Office of the High Commissioner
For Human Rights.

Louise Arbour
The United Phoenician Party Appeal to the Human Rights Commission of the United
Nations (UN) to investigate and give a conclusion about the situation of Human Rights in
Lebanon, where citizens are facing prosecution and jail for expressing their political views and communication with their friends from neighboring countries like Israel.

All Lebanese citizens permanently or temporary residing in foreign countries are
prohibited to participate in general elections through embassies. Governmental
employees, Lebanese Army, and Lebanese diplomats are prohibited also.

This is a political way to dehumanize freedom of Lebanese   people and it is a Pro-Syrian
government with the Syrian Regime attempt to eliminate big number of citizens from
polling districts.

Any Lebanese holding the citizenship should be eligible to choose political future of the
country and to vote from any location of the world.

We believe freedom is to have an express opinion by participating in your own country
political life as a solid part of human rights in democracy.

Lebanese government shall use embassies not for purpose to limit citizenís access to
democratic process but to serve them as a governmental institution to exercise their equal political rights.

United Phoenician party


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