I want to be the new Gebran Tueiny, donít you?

We should not look on the assassination of our dear brother Gebran Tueiny and ask why.

We should look at ourselves and ask why not us.

Gebran had the luck to go all the way and become forever a true martyr in the memory of Lebanon. We should all strive to get halfway as free and independent as he was and will always be. The fact that they havenít killed us yet or even tried means that we have been working less than we should to get them down once and for all.  

We can all be like Gebran in different branches. We should all learn something from Gebran that we can carry with us in our daily life. We should seek perfectionism like he did. We should free ourselves from all the demons that let us stand still when injustice occurs. Just like Gebran always jumped in when he saw anything wrong and tried to make it right the best way he knew how, we should also be ready to jump in and make the right thing in every way we know how.

He had a job a man canít hide behind; a daily newspaper that is shown for the world and that is showing the world. He never tried to hide behind it but instead used it to reach out more and hit the enemies in their hearts and in the same time cool down the Lebanese people he so much felt for and loved till death. That people is the Lebanese people that had been under the occupation for such a long time. During that time whenever all other voices would be quit and hidden the cock of An Nahar would rise with the sun and crow like never before inspiring the Lebanese people to not have their heads down. After every TV interview with him there were people getting new energy from him to continue the struggle.

I wonder how far a person like Gebran would have gone in another region or another time than ours. Maybe the Lebanon we all love need a Gebran every 20 years to get up from the ashes the different wolves always try to put it in.

God be with your soul Gebran and please, tell Bachir Gmayel that we will be in need for a new Bachir and Gebran in Lebanon now.

Long Live the Free Lebanese, on Earth and in Heaven.

By: A stronger Roni Doumit