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Hezballa are even active in Mexico

By: Bar Arzo


Hezballa often say they are a party with Lebanese supporters and Lebanese goals.

It is true that they have Lebanese supporters and many Lebanese adopt their goals.

Having that said we must look little closer to find out how Lebanese they really are.

Hezballa is an Iranian organisation active in different countries. A main base of their activities has been in Lebanon since 1982. Many terror activities have been linked to this party. Actions such those in Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Palestinian territories, Argentina, USA and recently in Mexico.  

They have party rules made in Iran. Their training camps are led by the Iranian Pasdaran, the revolutionary guards of the Islamic revolution. Their finance is mostly from Iran. Their ideology is the same as the late Ayatollah Khomeini.

Their goal is to have an Islamic system of ruling in Lebanon and elsewhere they can.

Mexico is strategically important because of its large border to the United States. Activities there are mostly about smuggling people across the border.

Salim Boughader Mucharafille was sentenced to 60 years in prison In Mexico for smuggling hundreds of people including many members of Hezballa.

Many US counterterrorism officials have said there are reasons to believe that the Hezballa organisation is involved with Mexican drug cartels. This could be one of the ways to financially support their activities worldwide.

We as Lebanese people not falling for the Hezballa propaganda are aware of the danger situation a party like Hezballa is putting the rest of country in. We shall continue to make Lebanon a terror free state once and for all.

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