ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


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"I am a churchman, and I am not interfering in politics. We in the Church require nothing else, than the rights of our peoples requests and decisions"




In a telephone conversation with our website (Ankawa), Cardinal Mor Ammanuel Delly declared the following:

Cardinal Mor Ammanuel III Delly,patriarch of the Chaldean Church of Iraq and the world, offers its sincere thanks to everyone who helped and supported our people inside and outside Iraq, because love, brotherhood, tolerance and security must prevail in our dear country .

I would like to state that I am a churchman, who is not meddling in politics, and that everything I do is to spread love, peace, brotherhood and tolerance values.

I absolutely refuse that the Church gets exploited and involved in politics. And I ask, from Rome, the place I currently am in for treatment, so that security and peace shall be restored in our dear Iraq.

The Lord will reward those responsible and the government who are working, day and night, for Iraq's best and for its wealth of all citizens, wherever they are, in Baghdad, Mosul and in all other areas.

In the case of our people's demands the church requires nothing more than the rights of our peoples requests and decisions. But I would like to state that we, Chaldeans Assyrians Syriacs are one people, known as the Aramean people.

Long live Iraq with all its ethnic groups,as well as Arabs, as well as Kurds, Arameans, Yezidies, Mandeans and Shabaks.

May God bless them

Patriarch Mor Ammanuel III Delly

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