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Urgent Re. the new cabinet policy statement and 2009 election


There are no benefit for the Signed Understanding between Tayyar and Hezbollah other then forming a political cover to the weapon of the pro-Syrian Iranian group Hezbollah which  slowly working on casting a total control over Lebanon. Tayyar is completely politically bankrupt to a point where Hezbollah weapon became a necessity for Tayyar existence. For example if Lebanese Cabinet where to give Hezbollah a political cover in their Cabinet Policy Statement that would translate as a Victory for Tayyar to use in 2009 election but if new Cabinet won’t give Hezbollah a political cover in their Policy Statement that would translate to be a big loss for Tayyar especially in the 2009 election. Tehrefore Tayyar ministers are now trying their best to include the word Hezbollah in the new Cabinet Policy Statement after general Aoun and for years has been criticizing the previous 2005 Cabinet Policy Statement!!!

In 2005 election, Aoun campaigned against Hezbollah Weapon and against dialogue with Hezbollah by attacking the so-called Quarto-Alliance between Amal, Hezbollah, Future Movement and Progressive Social Party prior to 2005 election hoping that Hezbollah would stand with the rest of Lebanese against Syria. After Hezbollah rejected the Cedar Revolution, General Aoun ended up signing a written agreement that formed a political cover for Hezbollah weapon

Aoun policy is now the complete opposite of Aoun's deliberate faults promise in 2005-election campaign that got him 70% of Christian votes. Christians are no longer deluded by Aoun empty promises as they have witnessed his policy for 4 years defending the Iranian weapon in Lebanon, helping Syria to gain back influence into Lebanon and trying to spoil their Cedar Revolution. Christians would never buy that Ali Qanso the president of the Syrian Social Party whom Aoun supported to enter the Lebanese cabinet is for their interest nor Hezbollah Khomeini weapon is good for their future. Aoun party will loose the Christian majority in next election and that will give the Cedar Revolution a bigger majority. There are fears that Hezbollah, Tayyar, and all the pro Syrian Iranian groups may do the impossible to avoid looming 2009 election as they did last May by turning their weapon on other fellow Lebanese to force the Lebanese Cabinet to back down from 2 decisions concerning airport security and illegal use of Lebanon telecommunication system by Hezbollah. Or by opening another war as they did in July-2006 when Lebanese National dialogue came about to discuss Hezbollah Weapon.

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