ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


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Hassan Nassralla is cashing his Israeli prisoner deal cheque in 2009 Lebanese parliamentary election market place.


Hassan Nassralla speech shows that Samir Kontar will be Hezbollah's candidate in the Lebanese parliamentary election in 2009. In addition, the statement issued by an Israeli official sending threat to Nassralla and Samir Kontar a day after Kontar released from an Israeli prison and a day after Israel concluded a prisoner deal with Nassralla sounds so silly. It is so obvious that the Israeli official statement is a part of the prisoner deal between Hezbollah and Israel to make Samir Ontar a hero for 2009 Lebanese parliamentary election and keep Nassrallah untouchable from Israel F16 even when he speaks in open and public places as he did yesterday.  

The prisoner deal is just to cover Hezbolah killing and terror against Lebanese on May-7. This is the same scenario Israel and Hezbollah played in 2005 after Nassralla rejection for the cedar revolution and prior to the 2005 parliamentary election. Nassralla speech during the Welcoming Ceremony held in Lebanese airport yesterday was the opening of his election campaign. In his unusual calm speech, Nassralla is trying to get the new government approval for Hezbollah weapon and to include it in the new Cabinet Statement. After Hezbollah would use the Cabinet Statement as a victory in 2009 election campaign and corner Bkerke and the Christians of March 14 movements since both Bkerke and Lebanese Forces rejecting any weapon on Lebanese soil other than the Lebanese army weapon. Especially, when all signs forecast that the 2009 election result is determined by the Christian votes. Hezbollah doing the possible to lead 8 Azar opposition groups to victory in 2009 election so they form a political cover for Hezbollah Weapon.

After Doha convention, it is clear that what determines Lebanon's future is the result of 2009 parliamentary election and mainly the Christian votes. It is obvious that Hezbollah in 2009 election would lose majority of Christian Votes claimed by General Aoun and used by Hezbollah as a political shield to protect their weapon. Therefore, in his speech, Hassan Nassralla intentionally opens to all political groups except to the Lebanese Forces, Hezbollah's main opponent among Christian voters, hoping to create a division among March 14 and isolates the Lebanese Forces. Moreover, Hezbollah is using Aoun to attack patriarch Sfier. After Aoun forming a Christian block oppose to Bkerke, Aoun's media this week has started accusing Sfier of sending negative messages from Australia where he is visiting and publishing articles against the Head of the Christian Lebanese church.

Hezbollah is ahead in the game preparing for 2009 election and trying to cash the Israeli prisoner deal cheque in Lebanon parliamentary election market place, The question remain is March 14 up to the task? Moreover, would Lebanese vote to keep the Cedar Revolution alive and achieve Lebanon the Message of Peace as Pope John Paul said or vote for Lebanon the constant jihad and the education of Jihad according to Khomeini teaching as what Hezbolah leader Naim Kasem is calling for.

After all, It is up to Lebanese to be na´ve and believe Nassralla speech or open their ears and hear Nassralla saluting Lahoud the icon of the Syrian era and the cause of murdering many of the cedar revolution martyrs a "Great Hero".

It is up to Lebanese to be na´ve and listen to Nassralla speaking about his rendezvous with Israel on July 12 as his God's work, or would Lebanese open their eyes and see that Israel who gave Nassralla the Victory not his God and that Hezbollah is the one achieving Israel dream by instigating a civil war in downtown Beirut.

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