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 To the world public opinion - kidnapped Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho dead in Mosul (Iraq) found!

On 13.03.08, we received at 15.00 the message that the kidnapped archbishop of Aramaic Chaldean Church, Paulos Faraj Rahho, found dead in Mosul. Hereby, we would like to, the Youth Union Aramaic, the family of Archbishop our deepest condolences and the sympathy of the people were Aramaic and condemn this murder on the sharpest.
This fact must be world public condemnation. Foreign politicians who have influence in Iraq, should finally against such atrocities of the Christians in Iraq.
The Aramean (Assyrian-Chaldean-Syrian-Mandaeism) are a small minority in Iraq and are today only about 500000 people - before the Iraq war there were 3 million.
Since the attacks, however, increased our people had to flee again and again. So it was in 1933, when the Aramäer (Assyrian-Chaldean-Syrian-Mandaeism) from the city and surrounding area prompted Simele, in Simele assembly. After days of hunger and the suffering the Iraqi government committed a massacre of our people - this crime has not been recognized. And today, the Arabs are celebrating again a massacre of our people. We should work with demonstrations, protests and Gedenkaktionen the media's attention.
We, the Young Union Aramaic say, "Stop the destruction of our people in the Middle East! The bloodshed is already too long. Our mothers and children cry too long. Our hearts ache too long. Our friends, relatives, our brothers and sisters, our people have suffered too long!
Stands on their courageous lions, eagles her freedom, her sons Arams!
Is from your sleep, is back as a hero, which you are, because you Syrians and Chaldeans, Assyrians and Mandaeism, you are the Aramaic people, we are all the Aramaic people! "

It must now concludes with the silence! The European Union and the United Nations must now break their silence and the Aramaic popular support in Iraq and his call for autonomy.

Also, the organizations of our people should go out of our people around the world courage and strength to give. With the reliance on God is also in Iraq a life as a Christian possible - with God's help!

The organizations of Aramaic people should endeavour to many demonstrations to plan. We need the world our aim to show that there is to say: freedom, justice and peace in the Middle East for our people and all Christians under the Crescent!

The ungodly should remember:
We are the children of our tribe fathers, the children of the revolution.
Our history is written with blood.
We will never be abandoned, not in the face of enemies and not in the face of death.
We will continue - the true flag of Mesopotamia highly charged.


Young Aramaic Union