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Open Letter to the Secretary General of the UN

    To the Honorable Ban Ki-moon  

      January 18, 2008

UN Secretary General

New York

 Dear Secretary General Ki-moon:

 Any attempt to resolve the presidential election stalemate in Lebanon outside the framework of a comprehensive solution for the Lebanese crisis as a whole will not meet with success because of the organic connection between the two. Similarly, any solution to the Lebanese crisis that does not include the full implementation of UN Security Council resolutions is an illusion at best.

 In turn, the implementation of UNSC resolutions is not possible without the dismantling and disarming of the independent mini-states and security zones that exist on Lebanese soil. The dereliction of the international community in deterring the Syrian regime – in deeds and not in words – and preventing it from interfering in Lebanese affairs, exporting terrorism to Lebanon, providing aid and support to the mini-states and security zones, and supplying them with weapons and fighters, constitute the primary factor in the persistence of the crisis and the undermining of Lebanese security.

 Therefore, whereas Lebanon is unable on its own means to implement UNSC resolutions, dismantle the mini-states and curb the Syrian regime;

 Whereas all local, regional and international efforts and good offices have failed to achieve a solution to the presidential crisis in particular, and the Lebanese crisis in general;

 Whereas the State’s institutions are paralyzed, and the country reduced to a disjointed headless republic;

 Whereas the Lebanese people have lost their trust in their leaders, and dialogue between the two sides in the conflict has become a dialogue of the deaf;

 Whereas security is unprotected and the series of assassinations and bombings hunts the Lebanese down and kills them in their streets;

Now that the crisis has reached its paroxysm and the potential for an explosion is high;

 Now that the Lebanese political system is on the verge of collapsing, with dangerous repercussions on the security of the entire region;

 We ask you on behalf of the frustrated, impoverished and destitute Lebanese who make up the vast majority of the people, to act to hand over the Lebanese file to the Security Council in order to internationalize the Lebanese crisis and place Lebanon in the full custody of the United Nations, as was done with the province of Kosovo.

 I thank you for your strong interest in Lebanon and your sincere concern for its cause, and wish you all success in your efforts.



Etienne Sacre – Abu Arz


Guardians of the Cedars Party – Lebanese National Movement

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