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Resolving the Lebanese Issue

 by Daniel Bart

Saturday, January 12, 2008

There is no question that virtually all non-Muslim communities in Greater Lebanon (including the Druze) would prefer to remain part of a new Lebanon, with Aramaean consent, rather than joining a pre-dominantly Muslim federal Arabia.

There needs to be six ex-Lebanese Arabian federal subjects, one Sunni federal subject (Halba) and one Shi’i federal subject (Baalbeck) in the north and two Sunni federal subjects (Sidon and Qaraaoun) and one Shi’i federal subject (Tyre) in the south. There also needs to be a joint Sunni-Shi’i federal subject in Muslim parts of Beirut and the Muslim regions close to it. The northern and southern ex-Lebanese federal subjects would be connected through an extra-territorial corridor through Aramaic Lebanon. Beirut, like Jerusalem and Mosul would be divided. All boundaries should be drawn so as to ensure that as many communities as possible find themselves on the right side.

Palestinian residents in Arabian federal subjects would obviously have the same Arabian citizenship and the same residential rights as others in those regions. There needs to be a territorial arrangement whereby Syria annexes entire Sunni border regions in Anti-Lebanon just inside the eastern Greater Lebanese border, on the Hongkong model of one state two systems, while ceding the wider Hermon Druze region to the new Lebanon.

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