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LFO Deplores Assassination of Top Lebanese General

LFO: The loss of General el Hajj is a loss for all peace loving people.

For Immediate Release


Holland: The Lebanese Freedom Organization(LFO)denounces in the strongest manner the assassination of Brigadier General Francois El Hajj. The UALM extends its deepest condolences to his family, to the army commander and to the Lebanese people. The loss of General El Hajj is a loss for all Lebanese who dreamt of living in a peaceful and stable Lebanon.

General El Hajj was very much a respected officer in the Lebanese Army and his passing is a blow to this noble institution. General Hajj was a career officer who was being touted as the next Commander in Chief of the Lebanese Army. A role he would have excelled at.

 The LFO's thoughts and prayers are also with those who were injured and we wish them speedy recovery. We hope that these atrocities cease in order for the Lebanese to live in peace and harmony.

 We affirm the fact that we find terrorist acts despicable and call on all groups to unite against terrorism. Terror and violence in all its forms must be stopped immediately. We urge all political groups to help create an atmosphere of peace and stability and to ensure that the safety and security of innocent civilians is guaranteed.

The LFO is disappointed in the effort of the Lebanese Government in finding the perpetrators of these heinous crimes. The assassinations, assassination attempts and bombings have continued consistently for the last 2 years with no arrests being made in any crime. It is not enough to simply refer the crimes to the International Tribunal.

The Lebanese Government must assume its responsibilities to the people it is meant to serve. It has a duty to ensure that the people of Lebanon are safe and free from violence and terror. If the Government cannot assume its responsibilities it should do the honourable thing and resign.

The Lebanese Government must find and bring to justice all those who committed the series of assassinations, assassination attempts and bombings that have hit Lebanon. It is unacceptable for crimes to be committed and the perpetrators are never brought to justice. The UALM demands that a full investigation be conducted immediately and those responsible for this latest attack found and brought to justice.

The LFO also calls on the Lebanese Government do more to protect lives and property from those who seek to destabilise Lebanon. We also deplore any attempt to exploit the deaths of innocent civilians for political gains. We call upon all Lebanese leaders to assume their responsibilities and help create a suitable environment for dialogue.

The Lebanese government thus far has reneged on its duty to the people itís meant to protect it has continually failed to act against those who are committing acts of terror. It is remarkable that there have been 19 terrorist attacks and not one person has been labelled as a suspect, let alone arrested. The Lebanese people are still paying the price for their governmentís failure.

The LFO affirms its solidarity with the people of Lebanon at this crucial time. The LFO stands with the people of Lebanon in their quest for a truly sovereign and independent Lebanon.

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